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    Christopher R. Shea, Jon A. Reed, Victor G. Prieto, editors.
    Part I: Introductory Chapters
    Chapter 1. Gross Prosection of Melanocytic Lesions
    Chapter 2. Histopathologic Staging and Reporting of Melanocytic Lesions
    Chapter 3. Clinicopathologic Correlation in Melanocytic Lesions
    Chapter 4. Anathema or Useful? Application of Immunohistochemistry to the Diagnosis of Melanocytic Lesions
    Chapter 5. Applications of Additional Techniques to Melanocytic Pathology
    Part 2: Diagnostic Challenges
    Chapter 6. Spitz Nevus versus Spitzoid Melanoma
    Chapter 7. Halo Nevus versus Melanoma with Regression
    Chapter 8. Nevoid Malignant Melanoma versus Melanocytic Nevus
    Chapter 9. Dysplastic Nevi versus Melanoma
    Chapter 10. Blue Nevus versus Pigmented Epithelioid Melanocytoma
    Chapter 11. Recurrent Melanocytic Nevus versus Melanoma
    Chapter 12. Neurothekeoma versus Melanoma
    Chapter 13. Melanoma in situ versus Paget?s Disease
    Chapter 14. Desmoplastic Nevus versus Desmoplastic Melanoma
    Chapter 15. Cutaneous Metastatic Melanoma versus Primary Cutaneous Melanoma
    Chapter 16. Acral Nevus versus Acral Melanoma
    Chapter 17. Capsular (Nodal) Nevus versus Metastatic Melanoma
    Digital Access Springer 2015