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    Debmalya Barh, editor.
    Summary: Breast cancer is the most common cancer in females that accounts for highest cancer specific deaths worldwide. In the last few decades research has proven that breast cancer can be treated if diagnosed at early stages and proper therapeutic strategy is adopted. Omics-based recent approaches have unveiled the molecular mechanism behind the breast tumorigenesis and aid in identification of next-generation molecular markers for early diagnosis, prognosis, and even the effective targeted therapy. Significant development has taken place in the field of omics in breast cancer in the last decade. The most promising omics approaches and their outcomes in breast cancer have been presented in this book for the first time. The book covers omics technologies and budding fields such as breast cancer miRNA, lipidomics, epigenomics, proteomics, nutrigenomics, stem cell, pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine, and many more along with conventional topics such as breast cancer management etc. It is a research-based reference book useful for clinician-scientists, researchers, geneticists and health care industries involved in various aspects of breast cancer. The book will also be useful for students of biomedicine, pathology, and pharmacy.

    Omics Technologies Applied in Breast Cancer Research
    Omics of Hereditary Breast Cancer.-Oncogenes and Tumor Supressor Genes as a Biomarker in Breast Cancer.-Breast Cancer Genomics.-Epigenomics of Breast Cancer.-Nutrigenomics in Breast Cancer.-Long Non-coding RNAs in Breast Cancer: Implications for Pathogenesis, Diagnosis and Therapy.-Breast Cancer MicroRNAs: Clinical Biomarkers for the Diagnosis and Treatment Strategies.-Breast Cancer Proteomics.-Metabolomics in Breast Cancer.-Lipidomics in Breast Cancer.-Breast Cancer Stem Cells and Cellomics.-Omics of Male Breast Cancer.-Omics of Chemoresistant and Metastatic Breast Cancer.-Animal Models of Breast Cancer.-In Silico Disease Models of Breast Cancer
    Systems Biology and Integrative Omics in Breast Cancer
    Gynecologic Considerations for Women with Breast Cancer.-Imaging Technologies and Applications in Early Diagnosis and Prognosis for Breast Cancer
    Breast Cancer Biomarkers for Risk Assessment, Screening, Detection, Diagnosis, and Prognosis
    Breast Circulating Tumor Cells: Potential Biomarkers for Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Prognosis Evaluation.-Molecular Diagnosis Of Metastasizing Breast Cancer Based Upon Liquid Biopsy
    Exhaled Volatile Organic Compounds as Non-Invasive Markers in Breast Cancer
    Breast Cancer Therapy?Classical Therapy, Drug Targets and Targeted Therapy
    Pharmacogenomics?Pharmacoepigenomics of Breast Cancer Therapy: Clinical Implications
    Breast Cancer Gene Therapy
    Clinical Trial Endpoints in Breast Cancer.
    Digital Access Springer 2014