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    Jacopo Martellucci, editor ; forewords by Ernest H.J. Weil and Klaus Matzel.
    Summary: "This book will enable the reader to gain a sound understanding of contemporary and futuristic evidence-based interventions and assessment procedures for pelvic floor disorders. It gathers the experiences of some of the most important experts on electrical stimulation techniques, offering a multidisciplinary and problem-oriented approach organized according to therapeutic goals. Interventions are recommended that are consistent with theory and display clinical efficacy for specific disorders, including urinary incontinence or retention, fecal incontinence, constipation, pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction, and neurological diseases involving the pelvic floor. All of the surgical or rehabilitative techniques requiring electrical stimulation for the treatment of these disorders are explored, and essential background information is provided on functional anatomy, neurophysiology, and concepts in electrotherapy. This volume will be a very useful tool for urologists, general or colorectal surgeons, gynecologists, and anesthesiologists, and also physiotherapists and alternative medicine practitioners (a specific chapter focuses on electroacupuncture). It will assist in their clinical practice as they seek to help the very many patients who suffer from any of the wide range of functional pelvic floor disorders"--Publisher's description.

    Electrotherapy for pelvic floor disorders: historical background / Jacopo Martellucci
    Functional anatomy of the pelvic floor / Jacopo Martellucci, Carlo Bergamini, Giulia Palla, Tommaso Simoncini, Gabriele Naldini, and Andrea Valeri
    Neurophysiology and neurophysiological evaluation of the pelvic floor / Giuseppe Pelliccioni, Paolo Pelliccioni
    Basic concepts in electricity and electrotherapy / Jacopo Martellucci
    Acupuncture for pelvic floor disorders / Marco Scaglia, Mattia Tullio, Ines Destefano, Leif Hultén
    Electrical stimulation, biofeedback, and other rehabilitative techniques / Filippo Pucciani
    Functional electrical stimulation (FES) in micturition disorders / Aldo Tosto
    Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation / Filippo Murina, Stefania Di Francesco
    Tibial nerve stimulation / Iacopo Giani, Stefania Musco
    Sacral nerve modulation: techniques and indications / Michele Spinelli
    Sacral nerve modulation for urinary disorders: overactive bladder / Marzio Angelo Zullo
    Sacral nerve modulation for urinary disorders: urinary retention / Maria Paola Bertapelle
    Sacral nerve modulation for fecal incontinence / Donato F. Altomare, Simona Giuratrabocchetta, Ivana Giannini, Michele De Fazio
    Sacral nerve modulation for constipation / Marco Franceschin, Jacopo Martellucci, Alfonso Carriero
    Pudendal nerve modulation / Michele Spinelli
    Dynamic graciloplasty / Claudio Fucini, Filippo Caminati, Niccolò Bartolini
    Electrical stimulation in sexual dysfunction / Jacopo Martellucci
    Electrical stimulation for pelvic pain / Francesco Cappellano
    Pelvic Floor neuromodulation in neurologic patients / Giulio Del Popolo, Jacopo Martellucci, Stefania Musco
    New frontiers: electrical stimulation in urinary disorders / Michele Spinelli.
    Digital Access Springer 2015