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    Lewis E. Foxhall, Maria Alma Rodriguez, editors.
    Summary: This volume presents the MD Anderson experience in providing care and services to the rapidly growing population of cancer survivors, which is currently estimated to be 12 million in the United States and more than 25 million worldwide. As cancer survival rates have increased, it has slowly become clear that the challenges faced by people with cancer do not end with treatment but simply change. This book aims to assist community oncologists, physicians, and their staff, who care for the vast majority of cancer survivors, by disseminating models of surveillance for disease recurrence, screening for second primary cancers, education regarding potential late effects of treatment, and psychosocial counseling. These models have proven valuable to cancer survivors who receive care at MD Anderson.

    Part I: clinical care delivery. Models of survivorship care
    Community care integration
    Part II: surveillance. Adult survivorship of pediatric cancers
    Breast cancer survivorship management
    Colorectal cancer survivorship management
    Genitourinary cancer survivorship management
    Gynecologic cancer survivorship management
    Head and neck cancer survivorship management
    Hematologic cancer survivorship management: transplantation
    Hematologic cancer survivorship management: leukemia
    Hematologic cancer survivorship management: lymphoma
    Melanoma survivorship management
    Thyroid cancer survivorship management
    Part III: cancer prevention and screening. Tobacco cessation
    Obesity and exercise
    Screening for second primary cancers
    Part IV: long-term and late effects. Cardiovascular issues
    Cognitive function
    Endocrinologic issues
    Immunologic issues
    Part V: other crosscutting issues. Legal issues
    Communication between patients and health care providers
    Integrative oncology.
    Digital Access Springer 2015