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    [edited by] Richard A. Polin, Alan R. Spitzer.
    Summary: Drs. Richard Polin and Alan Spitzer, uses the success formula of the Secrets Series to offer fast answers to the most essential clinical questions in fetal and neonatal medicine. With its user-friendly Q & A format, practical tips from neonatologists and fetal medicine experts, and "Key Points" boxes, this portable and easy-to-read medical reference book provides rapid access to the practical knowledge you need to succeed both in practice and on board and recertification exams. New to this edition: Apply all the latest pediatric advances in clinical fetal neonatology techniques, technology, and pharmacology.

    Care of the term infant / Alan R. Spitzer
    Fetal growth and development / Karin M. Fuchs
    Obstetric issues, labor, and delivery / Thomas J. Garite and C. Andrew Combs
    Family-centered and developmental care in the neonatal intensive care unit / Karen D. Hendricks-Munoz and Carol C. Prendergast
    NICU environment and principles of infection control / Saima Aftab and Jacquelyn R. Evans
    Cardiology secrets / Mitchell I. Cohen and Christopher L. Lindblade
    Dermatology / Victoria R. Barrio, Kimberly D. Morel, and Lawrence F. Eichenfield
    Endocrinology and metabolism / Marisa Censani ... [et al.]
    Fluid, electrolyte, acid-base, and renal-developmental phisiology and disorders / John M. Lorenz and Patricia L. Weng
    Gastroenterology and nutrition / Sarah A.Taylor and Joel E. Lavine
    Genetics / Wendy K. Chung
    Hematology and transfusion medicine / Robert D. Christensen
    Infection and immunity / Beatriz Larru and Theoklis Zaoutis
    Neurology / Courtney J. Wusthoff and Robert Ryan Clancy
    Neonatal ophthalmology / Daniel A. Greninger and Michael F. Chiang
    Orthopedics / Qusai Hammouri and Joshua E. Hyman
    Pain management in the neonate / K.J.S. Anand, Fabio Savorgnan, and R. Whit Hall
    Pulmonology / Reese H. Clark
    Surgery / Alejandro Garcia and William Middlesworth.
    Digital Access ClinicalKey 2014