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    editor, Emilio Quaia.
    Summary: This book, now in its second edition, provides a comprehensive analysis of imaging of the kidneys, upper urinary tract, and ureters, covering the normal anatomy and anatomic variants as well as all renal and urinary system pathologies. The relevant imaging modalities are first discussed, with detailed description of their applications in the kidney and upper urinary tract. The entire spectrum of kidney pathologies is then presented in a series of detailed chapters with up-to-date references, high-quality images, informative schemes, and figures showing macroscopic and microscopic surgical and pathologic specimens. Chapters relating to the latest innovations in tumor ablation, vascular and nonvascular interventional procedures, and parametric and molecular imaging have been fully updated to reflect progress in these rapidly evolving fields. This book will be of great interest to all radiologists, oncologists, nephrologists, and urologists who are involved in the management of kidney pathologies in their daily clinical practice.

    Embryology and development of the Kidney
    Normal Radiological Anatomy and Anatomical Variants of the Kidney
    Normal Radiological Anatomy of the Retroperitoneum
    Imaging and Interventional Modalities: Ultrasound of the Kidney
    Computed Tomography
    Magnetic Resonance Imaging
    Nuclear Medicine
    Vascular Interventional Radiology
    Non-vascular Interventional Radiology
    Non-Tumoral Pathology: Congenital and Development Disorders of the kidney
    Renal Cystic Disease
    Renal Parenchymal Diseases
    Obstructive Uropathy, Pyonephrosis and Reflux Nephropathy in adults
    Nephrolithiasis and Nephrocalcinosis
    Acute Renal Infections
    Chronic renal infections and renal fungal infections
    Renal Vascular Pathologies
    Imaging of Renal Trauma
    Tumoral Pathology: Benign Solid Renal Tumors
    Renal Cell Carcinoma
    Rare and Secondary Tumors of the Kidney and Renal Pseudotumors
    Radiofrequency ablation and cryoablation for renal cell carcinoma
    Urinary tract tumors
    Renal Lymphoma and Renal Sarcomas
    Cystic Renal Masses. Special Topics: The Pediatric Kidney
    The Kidney in the Elderly
    Renal Failure
    Renal Transplant
    Imaging of Dialysis
    Imaging of the Postoperative Kidney
    Contrast Media
    Induced Nephropathy and Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis
    Functional Imaging of the Kidney
    Molecular Imaging and Tumoral Antigen Targeting
    Research Perspectives and Future Trends in Renal Imaging.
    Digital Access Springer 2014