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    Philip F. Stahel, Cyril Mauffrey, editors.
    Part 1. General Aspects
    1: Quality Assessment in Surgery: Mission Impossible?
    2. Incidence of 'Never Events' and Common Complications
    3. Cognitive Errors
    4. Diagnostic Errors
    5. Technical Errors
    6. The Missed Injury: A 'Preoperative Complication'
    7. Non-Technical Aspects of Safe Surgical Performance
    8. Postoperative Monitoring for Clinical Deterioration
    9. Effective Communication- Tips and Tricks
    10. Professionalism in Health Care
    11. Accountability in the Medical Profession
    12. The Role of the Surgical Second Opinion
    13. Compliance to Patient Safety Culture
    14. The Universal Protocol: Pitfalls and Pearls
    15. Patient Safety in Graduate and Continuing Medical Education
    16. Translation of Aviation Safety Principals to Patient Safety in Surgery
    17. Handovers: The 'Hidden Threat' to Patient Safety
    18. Public Safety-Net Hospitals- The Denver Health Model
    19. Electronic Health Records and Patient Safety
    20. Research and Patient Safety
    Part 2. The Surgeon's Perspective
    21. The Surgery Morbidity and Mortality Conference
    22. Reporting of Complications
    23. Disclosure of Complications
    24. Surgical Quality Improvement
    25. Surgical Safety Checklists
    Part 3. Other Perspectives
    26. The Anesthesia Perspective
    27. The Nursing Perspective
    28. The Patient's and Patient Family's Perspective
    29. The Ethical Perspective
    30. Patient Safety- A Perspective from the Developing World
    Part 4. Case Scenarios
    31. Improving Operating Room Safety: A Success Story
    32. Management of Unanticipated Outcomes: A Case Scenario
    33. The Preventable Death of Michael Skolnik: An Imperative for Shared Decision-Making
    Digital Access Springer 2014