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    D.J. Mollura, Matthew P. Lungren, editors.
    Summary: "The only book of its kind to prepare radiology residents interested in working on global health service projects in the developing world Includes information on designing, testing, and deploying clinical strategies adapted for regions with limited resources Presents information technology models to support digital imaging in the developing world This book is designed to increase awareness of the global health problem of lack of access to medical imaging services and presents solutions to overcome disparities in the delivery of radiologic services to the developing world. Featuring an interdisciplinary framework, it discusses economic strategies for sustainable radiology; public health radiology for population-based approaches; clinical model formulation tailored to needs and resources of regions and communities; technology innovation and optimization; and public policy for healthcare system development at the government and international institutional level. It explores the role of radiology in addressing health care disparities and highlights strategies for radiology services planning and implementation in low resource settings. It also provides an overview of the clinical role of medical imaging in the developing world, including epidemiology, disaster response, and specific clinical applications for recognizing and managing illnesses unique to the developing world. Radiology in Global Health: Strategies, Implementation, and Applications examines ways to achieve sustainable long-term imaging strategies for limited resource regions and is a valuable resource for radiologists, radiology residents, radiology technologists, physicians, nurses, and healthcare administrators"--Provided by publisher.

    Radiology Overview: Defining Radiology and Stakeholders in the Radiology Enterprise
    Access to Imaging Technology in the Developing World
    Radiology Readiness [TM], Research and Relationship Development
    Economics of Sustainable Radiology in the Developing World
    Medical Imaging in the Global Public Health: Donation, Procurement, Installation, and Maintenance
    Medical Imaging Safety in the Developing World
    Information Technology in Global Health Radiology
    Technologists Role in Global Health Radiology
    Cultural Competency in International Health Program Collaboration
    Educational Strategies and Volunteering in Global Health Radiology
    Legal Nonprofit Planning
    Diagnostic Imaging for Global Health: Implementation and Optimization of Radiology in the Developing World
    Public Health and International Epidemiology for Radiology
    Disaster Response
    Infectious Disease Imaging
    Interventional Procedures for Global Health Radiology
    Cardiovascular Imaging in Global Health Radiology
    Pediatric Imaging in Global Health Radiology
    Prenatal Maternal-Fetal Imaging for Global Health Radiology
    Trauma Imaging in Global Health Radiology
    Women's Imaging in Global Health Radiology.
    Digital Access Springer 2014