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    Pierre Russo, Eduardo D. Ruchelli, David A. Piccoli, editors.
    Summary: Pediatric gastrointestinal and liver biopsies account for a significant portion of the specimens examined by a pathology laboratory. The increasingly widespread use of endoscopic procedures in children, the improved sophistication of medical imaging techniques, and the exciting expansion of knowledge in genetic medicine have all led to new advances and opportunities in pediatric hepatogastroenterology and pathology. Pathology of Pediatric Gastrointestinal and Liver Disease provides the pediatric pathologist, the GI or general pathologist, and the pediatric gastroenterologist with the most complete and current reference on the subject. With an emphasis on clinical-pathological correlation, the book includes in-depth discussions on disorders and issues that are frequently encountered but for which up-to-date information is often not readily available, as well as infrequent disorders unique or specific to children that are not covered in standard texts. Significant revision has been undertaken since the first edition, with the inclusion of many new illustrations and electron micrographs. Among the topics covered are malabsorption and motility disorders, immunodeficiencies, including HIV, developmental malformations, food allergies, cystic diseases of the liver, hepatic tumors, and esophageal and pancreatic disorders. The book is richly illustrated, with many figures in color, and the high-quality endoscopic and radiographic images permit ready correlation with the pathologic principles under discussion.

    Developmental Anatomy and Anomalies of the Gastrointestinal Tract with Involvement in Major Malformative Syndromes
    Esophageal Disorders in Childhood
    Gastritis and Gastropathies of Childhood
    Enteropathies Associated with Chronic Diarrhea and Malabsorption in Childhood
    Gastrointestinal and Hepatic Involvement in Immunodeficiencies and Systemic Disease of Childhood
    Colitis in Infancy and Childhood
    Intestinal Motor Disorders
    Polyps and Tumors of the Gastrointestinal Tract in Childhood
    Normal and Abnormal Liver Development
    Diseases of the Biliary Tree
    Hepatocellular and Intrahepatic Cholestasis
    Hepatitis and Liver Failure in Infancy and Childhood
    The Liver in Metabolic Disease
    Hepatic Tumors in Childhood
    GI and Liver Transplantation Pathology in Childhood.
    Digital Access Springer 2014