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    Arthur Allen.
    Summary: The story of "Jewish prisoner-scientists in Buchenwald who made a vaccine against ... typhus. Their untold secret: they provided the real vaccine to camp inmates but a fake one to German troops at the eastern front"--Dust jacket back. Describes the true story of how the eccentric Polish scientist tasked by the Nazis to create a typhus vaccine hid the intelligentsia from the Gestapo by hiring them to work in his laboratory.

    1. Lice, war, typhus, madness
    2. City on the edge of time
    3. The Louse feeders
    4. The Nazi doctors and the shape of things to come
    5. War and epidemics
    6. Parasites
    7. The Fantastic laboratory of Dr. Wiegl [sic]
    8. Armies of winter
    9. The Terrifying clinic of Dr. Ding
    10. "Paradise" at Auschwitz
    11. Buchenwald - rabbit stew and fake vaccine
    12. Imperfect justice.
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    Books: History - LC Classification (Downstairs)
    RC199.6.P6 A44 2014