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    edited by Joana N. Ramalho, Mauricio Castillo.
    Basic principles of UVI / Ana Maria Braz and Jaime Leal Pamplona
    Clinical applications of UVI / Ana Maria Braz, Maria Madalena Patricio, and Joana Ramalho
    Novel applications of UVI / Elsa Azevedo and Pedro Castro
    Basic principles of CTA / Margareth Kimura and Mauricio Castillo
    Intracranial CTA / Isabel R. Fragata and Joana Ramalho
    Extra-cranial CTA / Tiago Baptista and João Lopes Reis
    Basic principles of time-of- flight magnetic resonance angiography (TOF MRA) and MRV (2D and 3D) / Hugo A. Ferreira and Joana Ramalho
    Basic principles of phase contrast magnetic resonance angiography (PC MRA) and MRV / Hugo A. Ferreira and Joana Ramalho
    Time-of-flight magnetic resonance angiography (TOF MRA) and MRV : clinical applications / Mauricio Castillo, Juan Camilo Márquez and Francisco Jose Medina
    Phase contrast magnetic resonance angiography (PC MRA) and flow analysis : clinical applications / Pedro Vilela
    Contrast-enhanced MRA fundamentals and clinical applications / Khurram Javed and Mauricio Castillo
    Intracranial magnetic resonance angiography (MRA), 1.5T versus 3T : advantages and disadvantages / Sara Safder, Benjamin Huang, and Mauricio Castillo
    Time-resolved techniques / Nuno Almeida, David Monteiro, and Daniela Seixas
    DSA : basic principles / Mauricio Castillo
    DSA in clinical practice / Yueh Z. Lee and Mauricio Castillo
    Advanced and future DSA applications / Pedro Vilela
    CT perfusion, basic concepts and clinical applications / Joana Ramalho and Isabel R. Fragata
    Dynamic susceptibility contrast-enhanced MRI perfusion : basic principles and clinical applications / Francisco Medina Valencia, Mauricio Castillo, and Juan Marquez
    Arterial spin labeling (ASL) perfusion basic concepts, artifacts, and clinical applications / Debora Bertholdo and Mauricio Castillo
    Imaging of carotid plaque / Sangam Kanekar
    Basic concepts and clinical applications of intravascular imaging hideki / Sitahara, Peter J. Fitzgerald, Paul G. Yock, and Yasuhiro Honda
    Pediatric vascular imaging techniques and clinical applications / Carla R. Conceio, Rita Lopes da Silva, and Joana Ramalho.
    Digital Access Wiley 2014