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    editors, Mario Campone, Jean-Sébastien Frenel.
    Neoadjuvant therapy in breast cancer / Mario Campone & Jean-Sébastien Frenel
    Ask the experts : neoadjuvant therapy : current options / Mark Beresford
    Evaluation of complete pathologic response / Audrey Mailliez, Géraldine Lauridant-Philippin & Jacques M Bonneterre
    Recommendation and predictors of pathologic response / Vladimir F. Semiglazov & Vladislav V. Semiglazov
    Combination chemotherapy and targeted agents / Victoria Brown & Stephen Chan
    Role of radiation after neoadjuvant chemotherapy / Michelle A. Kraay & Janice A. Lyons
    Monoclonal antibody therapy / Jean-Sébastien Frenel & Mario Campone
    Multiple choice questions : answers.
    Digital Access Future Med 2014