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    Laura Santambrogio, editor.
    Summary: Immunology of the Lymphatic System is a comprehensive study of the lymphatic system and its immunological role. It begins with lymphatic capillaries, their origin and development. It addresses lymph circulation, in general, with a special emphasis on lymph circulation in parenchymal organs. The next section focuses on lymph nodes, subcortical circulation and the conduit system. It discusses organs with no lymphatic system, such as the brain. Finally, it covers lymph composition and cells in the lymph. While primarily basic research, the volume touches upon elements of the clinical, as well, broadening its scope and appeal.

    Introduction / Stanley G. Rockson, Laura Santambrogio
    Lymphangiogenesis / Andrea M. Foskett, Sanjukta Chakraborty
    Microvascular Fluid Filtration and Lymph Formation / C. C. Michel
    Cellular Composition of Lymph / Andrew M. Platt, Gwendalyn J. Randolph
    The Lymph Proteome, Peptidome, and Degradome / Cristina C. Clement, Laura Santambrogio
    Aging and Lymphatic Contractility: Current Status / Anatoliy A. Gashev, Victor Chatterjee
    Lymph and Lymphatic Capillaries in Cancer / Jacqueline Shields
    The Brain and the Lymphatic System / Mark E. Wagshul, Miles Johnston
    Collection of Human Limb Tissue Fluid and Lymph / W. L. Olszewski.
    Digital Access Springer 2013