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    edited by Inna Belfer, Luda Diatchenko.
    How do pain genes affect pain experience? / Marshall Devor
    Conservation of pain genes across evolution / Thang Manh Khuong and G. Greg Neely
    Defining human pain phenotypes for genetic association studies / Christopher Sivert Nielsen
    Genetic contributions to pain and analgesia : interactions with sex and stress / Roger B. Fillingim and Jeffrey S. Mogil
    Monogenic pain disorders / Geoff Woods
    Alternative pre-mRNAsplicing of mu opioid receptor gene: molecular mechanisms underlying the complex actions of mu opioids / Ying-Xian Pan
    Discovering multi-locus associations with complex pain phenotypes / Chia-Ling Kuo, Luda Diatchenko, Dmitri Zaykin
    Overlapping phenotypes : genetic contribution to nausea and pain / Charles C. Horn
    A counterpart to pain : itch / Adam P. Kardon and Sarah E. Ross
    Translating genetic knowledge into clinical practice for musculoskeletal pain conditions / Luda Diatchenko, Shad B. Smith, William Maixner
    The human chronic pain phenome : mapping non-genetic modifiers of the heritable risk / Ze'ev Seltzer, Scott R. Diehl, Hance Clarke and Joel Katz.
    Digital Access Wiley 2014