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    David Bowers, Allan House, David Owens, Bridgette Bewick.
    Summary: Understanding Clinical Papers is a popular and well established introduction to reading clinical papers. It unravels the process of evidence-based practice, using real papers to illustrate how to understand and evaluate published research, and provides clear explanations of important research-related topics.

    Some preliminaries
    The abstract and introduction
    The aims and objectives
    Descriptive studies : qualitative
    Descriptive studies : quantitative
    Analytic studies
    Intervention studies
    Mixed methods studies
    The research setting
    Populations and samples in quantitative research
    The sample in qualitative research
    Identifying and defining cases
    Controls and comparisons
    Identifying the characteristics of quantitative data
    Summarising the characteristics of quantitative data
    Identifying and summarising the characteristics of qualitative data
    Measuring the characteristics of participants : quantitative
    Measuring the characteristics of participants : qualitative
    Measuring the characteristics of measures
    Measurement scales
    Exploring and explaining topic guides
    Fractions, proportions and rates
    Risk and odds
    Ratios of risks and odds
    Confidence intervals for means, proportions, and medians
    Confidence intervals for ratios
    Hypothesis testing
    Measuring association
    Measuring agreement
    Linear regression
    Logistic regression
    Measuring survival
    Systematic review
    Analysing qualitative data
    Results in text and tables
    Results in pictures
    The discussion and conclusions