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    editors: Zili Sloboda, Hanno Petras
    Prevention Science: An Epidemiological Approach
    Individual Physical, Cognitive, and Emotional Vulnerability Across the Life Course: Benchmarks and Developmental Challenges
    Benchmarks, Developmental Challenges, and Risks During the Prenatal and Infancy Period
    Childhood and the Entry into Adolescence: A Pivotal Period in Health-Related Behaviors and Prevention
    Adolescence and Early Adulthood
    Stressors and Vulnerabilities in Middle and Old Age: Opportunities for Prevention
    Environmental Influences and Implications for Intervention Development
    School Influences on Child and Youth Development
    Peer Networks
    Risk and Resilience Processes in Single-Mother Families: An Interactionist Perspective
    Environmental Influences: The Workplace and Mental Health-Models, Vulnerability Factors, and Interventions
    An Integrated Prevention Science Model: A Conceptual Foundation for Prevention Research
    Design of Prevention Interventions
    Implementation Science and the Effective Delivery of Evidence-Based Prevention
    Factors Affecting Implementation: Cultural Adaptation and Training
    Measuring Fidelity
    Research Design
    Translating the Intervention Approach into an Appropriate Research Design: The Next-Generation Adaptive Designs for Effectiveness and Implementation Research
    The Epidemiologic Case-Crossover and Case-Control Approaches in Prevention Research
    The Use of Simulation Models in Public Health with Applications to Substance Abuse and Obesity Problems
    Meta-analysis in Prevention Science
    Mixed Methods Research Design for Prevention Science: Methods, Critiques, and Recommendations
    Analytic Methods
    Latent Class Analysis in Prevention Science
    Discrete-Time Survival Analysis in Prevention Science
    Using Mediation and Moderation Analyses to Enhance Prevention Research
    Advances in Missing Data Models and Fidelity Issues of Implementing These Methods in Prevention Science
    Cost Analysis and Policy
    Economic Analysis and Policy Studies: Special Challenges in the Prevention Sciences
    Strengthening Prevention Science to Ensure Effectiveness of Intervention in Practice: Setting up an International Agenda.
    Digital Access Springer 2014