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    Robert L. Bard, Jurgen J. Fütterer, Dan Sperling, editors.
    Summary: Image-Guided Prostate Cancer Treatments is a comprehensive reference and practical guide on the technology and application of ultrasound and MRI in the male pelvis, with special attention to the prostate. The book is organized into three main sections, the first of which is devoted to general aspects of imaging and image-guided treatments. The second section provides a systematic overview of the application of ultrasound and MRI to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the lower urinary tract. Performance of the ultrasound and MRI studies is explained, and the normal and abnormal pathological anatomy is reviewed. Correlation with the ultrasound in the same plane is provided to assist in understanding the MRI sequences. Biopsy and interventional procedures, ultrasound-MRI fusion techniques, and image-guided therapies, including focused ultrasound, photodynamic therapy, microwave and laser ablation, are all fully covered. The third section focuses on securing treatment effectiveness and the use of follow-up imaging to ensure therapeutic success and detect tumor recurrence at an early stage, which is vital given that prompt focal treatment of recurrence is very successful. Here, particular attention is paid to the role of Doppler ultrasound and DCE-MRI technologies. This book, containing a wealth of high-quality illustrations based on high-end equipment, will acquaint beginners with the basics of prostate ultrasound and MRI, while more advanced practitioners will learn new skills, means of avoiding pitfalls, and ways of effectively relating the imaging and image-guided treatments to the clinical situation.

    Radiologic Introduction
    Urologic Introduction
    Medical Oncology Introduction
    Basic Principles: Scope of Prostate Cancer
    MRI of the Prostate
    Benign Disease
    Intraprostatic Cancer
    Localized Extraprostatic Cancer
    Nodal Cancer
    The Treated Gland
    Case Studies with Multimodality Diagnostic Imaging
    Case Studies with Image Guided Treatments
    Medical Oncology and Imaging
    MRI Thermocoupling and Laser Tumor Ablation
    New Robot and Cybernetic Image Guided Technologies
    Long Term Follow-Up
    Minimally Invasive Treatment of Benign Prostate Hypertrophy.
    Digital Access Springer 2014