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    Ahmad Massoud, Nima Rezaei, editors.
    An Introduction on the old age and aging of the immune system
    The immune system, a marker and modulator of the rate of aging
    Age-associated alterations of pleiotropic stem cell and the therapeutic implication of stem cell therapy in aging
    A role for epigenetic modulation of the innate immune response during aging
    Basophil, eosinophil and neutrophil functions in the elderly
    Dendritic cells and dysregulated immunity in the elderly
    Natural killer cell immunosenescence and cancer in the elderly
    Pattern recognition receptors and aging
    Impact of ageing on T cell repertoire and immunity
    T cell mediated immunity in the immunosenescence process
    Biological and phenotypic alterations of T cells in aging
    T cells seen from the metabolic and aging perspective
    Age-related alterations in regulatory T cells
    Effects of aging on B cells
    The role of MicroRNAs in immunosenescence process
    Immunogenetics of Aging
    Aging immunity and infection
    Influenza infection in the elderly
    Optimising response to vaccination in the elderly
    Nutrition, immunity and aging
    Diet and immunosenescence
    Dietary Intake and impact of zinc supplementation on the immune functions in elderly: nutrigenomic approach
    Physiological and pathological role of reactive oxygen species in the immune cells
    Oxidative stress in aging
    Skin aging and the immune system
    Aging immunity and the impact of physical exercise.
    Digital Access Springer 2014