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    S.B. Brandes, A.F. Morey, editors ; foreword by Guido Barbagli.
    Summary: Since the publication of the first edition of Urethral Reconstructive Surgery, important refinements have been added to the urologic surgical armamentarium. Extensively revised and updated, Advanced Male Urethral and Genital Reconstructive Surgery, Second Edition guides urologists in a practical manner on how to evaluate and manage complex urethral and male genital reconstructive challenges. Chapters have been added on wound healing, synchronous urethral strictures, non-transecting anastomotic urethroplasty (including muscle and vessel sparing), overlapping buccal grafts, male urethral slings, genital skin grafting, Peyronies surgery, priapism, pediatric strictures, and prosthetics. Such chapters greatly strengthen the overall appeal of the book. The volume closes with a new comprehensive appendix of preferred instruments. With broad contributions by international authorities in reconstructiveurologic surgery, Advanced Male Urethral and Genital Reconstructive Surgery, Second Edition is a valuable resource for all urologists, from residents to reconstructive surgeons.

    1. Decision Making and Surgical Technique in Urethroplasty / Steven B. Brandes
    2. Male Urethra and External Genitalia Anatomy / Peter A. Humphrey
    3. Vascular Anatomy of Genital Skin and the Urethra: Implications for Urethral Reconstruction / Steven B. Brandes
    4. Lichen Sclerosus / Ramon Virasoro and Gerald H. Jordan
    5. Imaging of the Male Urethra / Nirvikar Dahiya, Christine O. Menias, and Cary L. Siegel
    6. Practical Plastic Surgery: Techniques for the Reconstructive Urologist / Hema J. Thakar and Daniel D. Dugi III
    7. The Epidemiology, Clinical Presentation, and Economic Burden of Urethral Stricture / Keith Rourke
    8. Etiology, Histology, and Classification of Urethral Stricture Disease / Sean Elliot and Steven B. Brandes
    9. Urethrotomy and Other Minimally Invasive Interventions for Urethral Stricture / Chris F. Heyns
    10. Endourethral Prostheses for Urethral Stricture / Daniel Yachia and Zeljko Markovic
    11. Fossa Navicularis and Meatal Reconstruction / Noel A. Armenakas
    12. Stricture Excision and Primary Anastomosis for Anterior Urethral Strictures / Reynaldo G. Gomez
    13. Oral Mucosal Graft Urethroplasty / Guido Barbagli and Salvadore Sansalome
    14. Lingual Grafts / Alchiede Simonato and Andrea Gregori
    15. The Augmented Anastomotic Urethroplasty / Michael L. Guralnick and R. Corey O'Connor
    16. Penile Skin Flaps for Urethral Reconstruction / Benjamin N. Breyer and Jack W. McAninch
    17. Panurethral Strictures / Carlos Guidice
    18. The Application of Muscular, Myocutaneous, and Fasclocutaneous Flaps as Adjuncts in Complex Refractory Urethral Disorders / Leonard N. Zinman and Jill C. Buckley
    19. Posterior Urethral Strictures / A.R. Mundy and Daniela E. Andrich
    20. Staged Urethroplasty / Chris McClung and Hunter Wessells
    21. Complications of Urethroplasty / Ofer Shenfeld
    22. Postprostatectomy Strictures / Margit Fisch, Daniel Pfalzgraf, and C. Phillip Reiss
    23. Radiotherapy-Induced Urethral Strictures / Steven B. Brandes
    24. Complex Urinary Fistulas of the Posterior Urethra and Bladder / Steven B. Brandes
    25. Reconstruction of Failed Urethroplasty / Steven J. Hudak and Allen F. Morey
    26. Urethral Stent Complications and Methods for Explantation / Jill C. Buckley
    27. Reoperative Hypospadias Surgery and Management of Complications / Douglas E. Coplen
    28. Follow-Up Strategies After Urethral Stricture Treatment / Chris F. Heyns
    29. Urethral Rest as Precursor for Urethroplasty / Steven J. Hudak and Allen F. Morey
    30. The Use of Patient-Reported Outcome Measures in Men with Urethral Stricture Disease / Lee C. Zhao and Christopher M. Gonzalez
    31. Reconstruction of Synchronous Urethral Strictures / Steven J. Hudak and Allen F. Morey
    32. Perineal Urethrostomy / Andrew C. Peterson
    33. Double Overlapping Buccal Grafts / Enzo Palminteri and Elisa Berdondini
    34. Muscle-, Nerve-, and Vascular-Sparing Techniques in Anterior Urethroplasty / Sanjay B. Kulkarni and Pankaj M. Joshi
    35. Primary and Secondary Reconstruction of the Neophallus Urethra / Miroslav L. Djordjevic
    36. Tissue Engineering of the Urethra: The Basics, Current Concept, and the Future / Ryan P. Terlecki and Anthony Atala
    37. Pediatric Urethral Strictures / Michael H. Johnson, Steven B. Brandes, and Douglas E. Coplen
    38. Non-transecting Bulbar Urethroplasty / A.R. Mundy and Daniela E. Andrich
    39. Genital Skin Loss and Scrotal Reconstruction / Daniel Rosenstein
    40. Surgery for Priapism / Arthur L. Burnett and Ifeanyichuku Anusionwu
    41. Penile Skin Grafting and Resurfacing of the Glans / Giulio Garaffa, Salvatore Sansalome, and David John Ralph
    42. Peyronie's Disease Reconstruction: Simple and Complex / Laurence A. Levine and Stephen M. Larsen
    43. The Buried Penis in Adults / Richard A. Santucci and Mang L. Chen
    44. Penile Fracture / Jack H. Mydlo and Leo R. Doumaniao
    45. Vascular Surgery for Erectile Dysfunction / Jacqueline D. Villalta and Tom F. Lue
    46. Penile and Inguinal Reconstruction and Tissue Preservation for Penile Cancer / Steven B. Brandes and Jairam R. Eswara
    47. New Advances in Penile Implant Surgery / Steven K. Wilson and John D. Terrell
    48. Artificial Urinary Sphincters: Reoperative Techniques and Management of Complications / Landon Trost and Daniel S. Elliott
    49. Reconstruction and Salvage of Failed Male Urethral Slings / Jack M. Zuckerman and Kurt McCammon
    50. Post-prostatectomy Incontinence (Evaluation and Practical Urodynamics) / H. Henry Lai and Timothy B. Boone.
    Digital Access Springer 2014