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    Wanda Nicholson, Kesha Baptiste-Roberts, editors.
    Section I. Introduction
    1. Introduction: Breaking the Cycle of Obesity in Mothers and Children
    2. Obesity and infertility
    3. Preconception and Pregnancy Care in Overweight or Obese Women
    4. hared Decision-Making and Labor Management in Parturients
    Section II. Translating the Metabolism of Pregnancy
    5. Epidemiologic Trends and Maternal Factors Predicting Postpartum Weight
    6. Relationship between depressive mood and maternal obesity- implications for postpartum depression
    7. Body Image as a Contributor to Weight in Pregnancy and Postpartum
    Section III. The Event
    8. Promoting a Healthy Weight After Delivery
    9. Obesity and Physical Activity During Pregnancy and Postpartum: Evidence, Guidelines, and Recommendations
    10. Maternal obesity, gestational weight gain, and childhood growth in the first year of life
    Section IV. Meeting the Challenges
    11. ernal Obesity and Implications for the Long-term Health of the Offspring
    12. Family- centered interventions to reduce maternal and child obesity
    13. Obesity Screening Recommendations and Emerging Policies.
    Digital Access Springer 2014