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    edited by Hiroshi Maruta.
    1. Functional maturation of PAKs from unicellular to multicellular organisms / Masato Okada, Graham Cote, Ramesh K. Jha, and Hiroshi Maruta
    2. Oncogenicity of PAKs and their substrates / Hong He and Hiroshi Maruta
    3. Natural or synthetic therapeutics that block PAKs / Hiroshi Maruta, Shanta M. Messerli, and Ramesh K. Jha
    4. PAK1-3 in infectious diseases / Hiroshi Maruta
    5. PAK1 in brain diseases or disorders / Hiroshi Maruta and Shanta M. Messerli
    6. PAK1 in Alzheimer's and Huntington's diseases / Qui-Lan Ma, Fusheng Yang, Sally A. Frautschy, and Greg M. Cole
    7. PAK1 controls the lifespan / Sumino Yamase and Hiroshi Maruta
    8. 3D structure and physiological regulation of PAKs / Stefan Knapp.
    Digital Access ScienceDirect 2013