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    Laura Weiss Roberts, editor.
    Summary: Attaining professional success and finding personal happiness in academic medicine is not an easy path, yet both are critical if the future is to be brighter through better science, better clinical care, better training, better responsiveness to communities, and better stewardship and leadership in the health professions. This concise, easy to read title consists of "mini" chapters intended as a resource to assist early- and middle-career physicians, clinicians, and scientists in understanding the unique mission of academic medicine and building creative, effective, and inspiring careers in a challenging field.

    Part I: Approaching the Profession of Academic Medicine
    How to Find Your Path in Academic Medicine
    How to Build the Foundation for a Successful Career in Academia
    How to Be Organized and Manage Time
    How to Align Individual Goals with Institutional Goals
    Part II: Getting Established
    How to Prepare the Best Possible Curriculum Vitae
    How to Interview for a First Academic Position
    How to Evaluate a Letter of Offer or Contract
    How to Give a Lecture
    How to Build Assessments for Clinical Learners
    How to Approach Clinical Supervision
    How to Evaluate and Give Feedback
    How to Teach in Busy Clinical Settings
    How to Write Effective Letters of Recommendation
    How to Teach Creatively
    How to Use Technology in Educational Innovation
    How to Maintain Excellent Clinical Documentation
    How to Avoid Medicolegal Problems
    Part III: Approaching Work with Colleagues
    How to Network and Be a Good Colleague
    How to Collaborate Interprofessionally
    How to Approach Mentorship as a Mentee
    How to Be a Good Mentor
    How to Participate in Institutional Review Board Activities
    How to Participate in Ethics Committees
    How to Intervene with Unethical and Unprofessional Colleagues
    Part IV: Writing and Evaluating Manuscripts
    How to Write and Publish an Empirical Report
    How to Write a Case Report
    How to Review a Manuscript
    How to Evaluate Biomedical Research Publications Rigorously
    How to Understand Flaws in Clinical Research
    Part V: Conducting Empirical Research
    How to Conceptualize a Research Project
    How to Prepare an IRB Application
    How to Engage Communities in Research
    How to Approach a First Grant Application
    How to Fund Your Research While Maintaining Your Curiosity
    How to Review Grant Applications
    How to Prepare a Poster
    How to Prepare and Give a Scholarly Oral Presentation
    Part VI: Developing Administrative Skills
    How to Be an Effective Team Leader and Committee Member or Chair
    How to Negotiate
    How to Think About Money in Academic Settings
    How to Engage in Departmental Strategic Planning
    How to Read a Basic Budget
    How to Strengthen Your Own and Others' Morale
    Part VII: Advancing Your Academic Career
    How to Create Your Package for Promotion
    How to Understand Promotion Criteria for "Traditional" and "Research" Tracks
    How to Understand Promotion Criteria for "Clinician Educator" and "Teaching" Tracks
    How to Develop an Educator's Portfolio
    How to Build a National Reputation for Academic Promotion
    How to Recognize and Address Unconscious Bias
    How to Address Challenges and Opportunities as an International Medical Graduate
    How to "Pitch" a Nontraditional Career Path
    Part VIII: Balancing Professional and Personal Life
    How to Have a Healthy Life Balance as an Academic Physician
    How to Care for the Basics: Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise, Health
    How to Recognize and Avoid Burnout
    How to Manage Personal Finances
    How to Develop Professional Relationships.
    Digital Access Springer 2013