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    Sören Mattsson, Christoph Hoeschen, editors.
    Summary: This book explains clearly and in detail all aspects of radiation protection in nuclear medicine. After an introductory chapter on the general role of radiation protection, measurement quantities and units are discussed, and detectors and dosimeters, described. Radiation biology and radiation dosimetry are then addressed, with the inclusion of a chapter specifically devoted to biology and dosimetry for the lens of the eye. Discussion of radiation doses to patients and to embryos, fetuses, and children forms a central part of the book. Phantom models, biokinetic models, calculations, and software solutions are all considered, and a further chapter focuses on quality assurance and reference levels. Occupational exposure also receives detailed attention. Exposure resulting from the production, labeling, and injection of radiopharmaceuticals and from contact with patients is discussed and shielding calculations are explained. The book closes by considering exposure of the public and summarizing the "rules of thumb" for radiation protection in nuclear medicine. This is an ideal textbook for students and a ready source of useful information for nuclear medicine specialists and medical physics experts.

    Part 1. Measurements
    Dose Quantities and Units for Radiation Protection / Sören Mattsson and Marcus Söderberg
    Introduction: The Importance of Radiation Protection in Nuclear Medicine / Sören Mattsson
    Part 2. Radiation Biology
    Radiobiology for Radiation Protection / Peter Bernhardt
    Radiobiology and Radiation Dosimetry for the Lens of the Eye / Günther Dietze
    Part 3. Radiation Dose Estimations
    Radiation Exposure of the Embryo/Foetus and the Newborn Child / Marie Claire Cantone
    Part 4. Quality Assurance and Quality Control
    Quality Control of Gamma Cameras, SPECT/CT and PET/CT Units / Jenny Oddstig, David Minarik and Mikael Gunnarsson
    Part 5. Occupational Exposure
    Occupational Exposure: With Special Reference to Skin Doses in Hands and Fingers / Adela Carnicer, Mercè Ginjaume, Marta Sans-Merce, Laurent Donadille and Ilona Barth, et al.
    Radiation Doses from Patients to Staff Members, Comforters and Caregivers and to the General Population / Dejan Žontar
    Examples of Shielding Calculations for a PET/CT Installation / Markus N. Lonsdale
    Part 6. Exposure of the Public
    Release of Patients After Radionuclide Therapy: Radionuclide Releases to the Environment from Hospitals and Patients / Sören Mattsson and Christian Bernhardsson
    Part 7. Rules of Thumb for Radiation Protection in Nuclear Medicine
    Rules of the Thumb and Practical Hints for Radiation Protection in Nuclear Medicine / Sören Mattsson and Martin Andersson.
    Digital Access Springer 2013