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    Veda Eswarappa, Sujata K. Bhatia.
    Summary: This book advances biomedical innovations to address the plethora of health problems afflicting the developing world. A panoply of cultural, economic, infrastructural, and other factors prevent many interventions currently popular in the developed world from being similarly effective in the developing world. This book discusses less-traditional approaches, such as naturally based biomaterials and therapeutics, an area that has traditionally been overlooked but has also demonstrated impressive potential for health applications in recent years. This book explores precisely the kinds of applications which can enable countries like India to access more effective, inexpensive treatments while also taking more ownership of their healthcare technologies and innovations.

    Part I.
    1. Introduction to Global Health, Biomaterials, and Therapeutics
    2. Natural Resources with Potential for Health Applications
    (Bamboo, Banana, Coconut, Jackfruit, Jute, Rice, Silk, Soy, Tamarind
    Part II.
    3. Biomaterial and Therapeutic Applications
    Bamboo Applications
    Blood Purification
    Bone Repair or Replacement
    Banana Applications
    Burn Dressing
    Inhibition of Viral Transmission
    Diabetes Treatment
    Bone Grafting
    Iron Absorption Promoter
    Coconut Applications
    Obesity and Diabetes Treatment
    Helminth Treatment
    Ulcer Treatment
    Intravenous Treatment
    Jackfruit Applications
    Protease Inhibitor
    Tablet Disintegrant-- Leukemia Treatment
    Jute Applications
    Wound Dressing
    Arsenic Protection
    Digesta Viscosity Elevation
    Rice Applications
    Protein Production
    Multifunctional Excipient
    Porous Scaffolds
    Silk Applications
    Corneal Grafts
    Optical Devices
    Conduits for Nerve Repair
    Bone Regeneration
    Drug Delivery
    Cartilage and Ligament Repair
    Multi-Functional Stents
    Soy Applications
    Bone Regeneration
    Inflammation Treatment-- Drug Delivery
    Tamarind Applications
    Drug Delivery
    Opthalmic Applications
    Part III.
    4. Implications, Challenges, and Recommendations.
    Digital Access Springer 2013