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    Denis Tack, Mannudeep K. Kalra, Pierre Alain Gevenois, editors ; foreword by Maximilian F. Reiser.
    Multi-Detector Row CT-Recent Developments, Radiation Dose and Dose Reduction Technologies / Thomas Flohr -- Clinical Expansion of CT and Radiation Dose / Stuart Meeson, Rajesh Patel and Stephen Golding -- Risks from Ionising Radiation / Kenneth H. Chadwick and Hendrik P. Leenhouts -- The Cancer Risk from Low Level Radiation / Bernard L. Cohen -- Image Quality in CT: Challenges and Perspectives / Thomas L Toth -- Radiation Dose Metrics and the Effect of CT Scan Protocol Parameters / Sue Edyvean, Maria Lewis and Alan Britten -- Scan Parameters and CT Radiation Dose / Sarabjeet Singh and Mannudeep K. Kalra -- Optimization of Tube Potential for Radiation Dose Reduction in CT / Lifeng Yu, Joel G. Fletcher and Cynthia H. McCollough -- Conventional and Newer Reconstruction Techniques in CT / Homer Pien, Synho Do, Sarabjeet Singh and Mannudeep K. Kalra -- Image Noise Reduction Filters / Sarabjeet Singh and Mannudeep K. Kalra -- Hardware Developments for Radiation Dose Reduction / Rich Mather -- Application of Shielding in CT Radiation Dose Reduction / Shima Aran, Sarabjeet Singh and Mannudeep K. Kalra -- Radiation Dose: Records and Audits / Tessa S. Cook, William W. Boonn and Woojin Kim -- Collective Radiation Dose from MDCT: Critical Review of Surveys Studies / Georg Stamm. ALARA Concept for MDCT Optimization: What is Reasonable, What is Achievable? / Denis Tack -- Automatic Exposure Control in Multidetector-row CT / Mannudeep K. Kalra -- Patient Centering in MDCT: Dose Effects / Mannudeep K. Kalra and Thomas L. Toth -- Dose Optimization and Reduction in CT of the Brain and Head and Neck Region / Tom Mulkens, Rodrigo Salgado and Patrick Bellinck -- Dose Reduction and Optimization in Computed Tomography of the Chest / Pierre Alain Gevenois and Denis Tack -- Dose Optimization and Reduction in MDCT of the Abdomen / Caroline Keyzer and Denis Tack -- Radiation Dose Optimisation of Cardiac and Vascular MDCT in Adults and Paediatric Patients / Jean François Paul, Caroline Keyzer, Michelle Williams and Denis Tack -- Dose Optimization and Reduction in Musculoskeletal CT Including the Spine / A. Gervaise, P. Teixeira, N. Villani, S. Lecocq and M. Louis, et al. -- Dose Reduction in CT Fluoroscopy / N. Buls, F. Vandenbroucke and J. de Mey -- Dose Optimization and Reduction in CT of Children / Peter Vock, Enno Stranzinger and Rainer Wolf -- CT Scanning in Pregnancy / D. E. Litmanovich and A. A. Bankier -- Radiation Risk Associated with Lung Cancer Screening / Cornelia Schaefer-Prokop, Krijn van Muiswinkel and Mathias Prokop. Dose Reduction in Screening Programs: Colon Cancer Screening / Thierry N. Boellaard, Henk W. Venema and Jaap Stoker -- CT Dose Perspectives and Initiatives of the IAEA / Madan M. Rehani and Olivera Ciraj-Bjelac -- The Image Gently Campaign: Championing Radiation Protection for Children Through Awareness, Educational Resources and Advocacy / Marilyn J. Goske, Michael J. Callahan, Donald P. Frush, Sue C. Kaste and Gregory Morrison, et al. -- CT Radiation Dose and Safety: Perspectives at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration / Stanley H. Stern, Sean Boyd, Kish Chakrabarti, Iacovos S. Kyprianou and Thalia T. Mills, et al. -- ICRP's Role in Patient Dose Management in CT / Madan M. Rehani -- Software for Calculating Dose and Risk / Georg Stamm -- Image Wisely / James A. Brink and E. Stephen Amis -- Guidelines for Appropriate CT Imaging / Kristie M. Guite, J. Louis Hinshaw, Frank N. Ranallo and Fred T. Lee -- Practical Approaches to Dose Reduction: GE Perspective / Roy A. Nilsen -- Dose Reduction in Computed Tomography Siemens Perspective / Christianne Leidecker and Bernhard Schmidt -- CT Radiation Dose: Philips Perspective / Alain Vlassenbroek, Dhruv Mehta and Jeffrey Yanof -- Practical Approaches to Dose Reduction: Toshiba Perspective / Jacob Geleijns and R Irwan.
    Digital Access  Springer 2012