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    edited by David Ricketts, David Bartlett.
    Management of dental caries / David Ricketts, Graham Chadwick and Andrew Hall
    Periodontal disease / Angela Gilbert
    Endodontic problems in advanced operative dentistry / William Saunders
    Tooth wear / David Bartlett
    Aesthetic problems / David Bartlett
    Occlusion / David Ricketts
    Cores / Carol Tait and David Rickett
    Gold crowns / John Radford, Brian Stevenson
    Gold restorations / Graham Chadwick, John Radford and David Ricketts
    Metal ceramic crowns / Brian Stevenson
    All ceramic crowns / Andrew Hal and Graham Chadwick
    Inlays, onlays, and veneers / David Bartlett and David Ricketts
    Impression materials and techniques / David Ricketts
    Provisional restorations / John Radford and David Ricketts
    Getting the appearance correct / Brian Stevenson
    Complex multiple fixed and combined fixed and removable prosthodontics / David Bartlett and David Ricketts
    When and how to replace missing teeth / David Ricketts
    Minimal preparation (resin retained) bridges / David Ricketts
    Conventional bridges / David Bartlett and David Ricketts.
    Digital Access ScienceDirect 2011