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    edited by Ekrem Dere, Alexander Easton, Lynn Nadel, Joseph P. Huston.
    Perspectives on episodic and semantic memory retrieval / Lee Ryan, Siobhan Hoscheidt and Lynn Nadel -- Exploring episodic memory / Martin A. Conway -- Episodic memory and mental time travel / Thomas Suddendorf and Michael C. Corballis -- Episodic memory : reconsolidation / Lynn Nadel ... [et al.] -- Attributes of episodic memory processing / Michael R. Hunsaker and Raymond P. Kesner -- Cognitive and neural bases of flashbulb memories / Patrick S.R. Davidson -- From the past into the future : the development origins and trajectory of episodic future thinking / Cristina M. Atance -- Emotion and episodic memory / Philip A. Allen, Kevin P. Kaut and Robert R. Lord -- Current status of cognitive time travel research in animals / William A. Roberts -- Animal episodic memory / Ekrem Dere ... [et al.] -- New working definition of episodic memory : replacing "when" and "which" / Alexander Easton and Madeline J. Eacott -- Episodic-like memory in food-hoarding birds / Gesa Feenders and Tom V. Smulders -- Representing past and future events / Thomas R. Zentall -- Functional neuroanatomy of remote, episodic memory / Morris Moscovitch ... [et al.] -- Medial temporal lobe : visual perception and recognition memory / Yael Shrager and Larry R. Squire -- Toward a neurobiology of episodic memory / Howard Eichenbaum ... [et al.] -- Spatio-temporal context and object recognition memory in rodents / Mark Good -- Role of the prefrontal cortex in episodic memory / Matthias Brand and Hans J. Markowitsch -- Basal forebrain and episodic memory / Toshikatsu Fujii -- Role of the precuneus in episodic memory / Michael R. Trimble and Andrea E. Cavanna -- Multiple roles of dopaminergic neurotransmission in episodic memory / Björn H. Schott and Emrah Düzel -- Neural coding of episodic memory / Joe Z. Tsien -- Primate hippocampus and episodic memory / Edmund T. Rolls -- Hippocampal neuronal activity and episodic memory / Emma R. Wood and Livia de Hoz -- Hippocampus, context processing and episodic memory / David M. Smith -- Memory and perceptual impairments in amnesia and dementia / Kim S. Graham, Andy C.H. Lee and Morgan D. Barense -- Using hippocampal amnesia to understand the neural basis of diencephalic amnesia / John P. Aggleton, Richard C. Saunders and Seralynne D. Vann -- Structure-function correlates of episodic memory in aging / Jonas Persson and Lars Nyberg -- Memory and cognitive performance in preclinical Alzheimer's disease and preclinical vascular disease / Brent J. Small ... [et al.] -- Transgenic mouse models of Alzheimer's disease and episodic-like memory / David R. Borchelt and Alena V. Savonenko -- Episodic memory in the context of cognitive control dysfunction : the case of Huntington's disease / Francois Richer, Martin Lemay and Martin LaPage -- Adrenal steroids and episodic memory : relevance to mood disorders / Hamid A. Alhaj and R. Hamish McAllister-Williams.
    Digital Access  ScienceDirect 2008.