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    Summary: A directory of associations, intergovernmental bodies, religious groups, and other international organizations.

    Contents, 1983-<1994/95>. v. 1. Organization descriptions and index, 20th-<31st> ed.--v. 2. Geographic volume (with cover title: International organization participation, 1st-<12th> ed.). --v. 3. Subject volume (with cover title: Global action networks, 1st-<12th> ed.). Contents, <1996/1997>-<2002/2003>. v. 1. Organization descriptions, <33rd> ed.-<39th> ed.
    v. 2. Country guide, <33rd> ed.-<39th> ed.
    v. 3. Subject guide and index, <33rd> ed.-<39th> ed.
    v. 4. Bibliography, <33rd> ed.-<39th> ed.
    v. 5. Statistics, visualizations and patterns, <39th> ed.
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