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    Seema Yasmin.
    Summary: "Merging documentary poetry from the epicenter of an epidemic with the story of viruses in the evolution of humanity, If God Is A Virus gives voice to the infected and the virus. Based on original reporting from West Africa and the United States, and the poet's experiences as a doctor and journalist, If God Is A Virus charts the course of the largest and deadliest Ebola epidemic in history, telling the stories of Ebola survivors, outbreak responders, journalists and the virus itself. Documentary poems explore which human lives are valued, how editorial decisions are weighed, what role the aid industrial complex plays in crises, and how medical myths and rumor can travel faster than microbes. These poems also give voice to the virus. Eight percent of the human genome is inherited from viruses and the human placenta would not exist without a gene descended from a virus. If God Is A Virus reimagines viruses as givers of life and even authors of a viral-human self-help book"-- Provided by publisher.

    Disease Is Not the Only Thing That Spreads p. 2
    If God Is a Virus p. 3
    Smell No Taste, Liberia p. 4
    All the News That's Fit to Print p. 5
    Liberia, Day Zero p. 6
    Youssou N'Dour Cancels His Concert in Conakry p. 8
    Dis-ease p. 9
    Surrogate Marker p. 10
    Lady doctor p. 12
    Hippocritic Oath p. 15
    If God Is a Virus p. 16
    When the White Patient Asks for a White Doctor p. 17
    Life of the Party p. 18
    My Lover Bathes Me p. 19
    Baby Sister Survives Ebola... p. 20
    & Dies in Childbirth p. 21
    Misfortune Teller p. 22
    Ebola News Cento p. 23
    A Virus Pens a Self-Help Book p. 25
    Filovirus Phylogenetic Tree p. 29
    Self-Portrait as Virus p. 30
    Anamnesis p. 31
    HTBBN p. 35
    WHO Said p. 37
    WHO Said p. 38
    Outbreak Bingo p. 39
    We Are Watching p. 40
    Misdiagnosis p. 41
    Neologisms p. 42
    What They Hear When They Listen to Your Heart p. 43
    Lead Pipe Dreams: Ghazal for Flint p. 45
    WHO Said p. 46
    Anti Body p. 47
    International Classification of Diseases p. 48
    Laylatl Qadr p. 49
    The Queen's English p. 50
    Grandma Is a Pharmaceutical Chemist p. 51
    Forty-One Surah Yaseens p. 52
    Dua'a for Crossing Borders p. 54
    If God Is a Virus p. 55
    If God Is a Computer Virus p. 56
    Mango Pickle p. 57
    Big Sister Teaches Me How to Ululate p. 58
    Hymen Hymn p. 59
    Ebola Cento p. 60
    Mango Pickle p. 61
    Syndemics p. 62
    If God Is a Virus p. 63
    My God Is a Virus p. 67
    Ebola Cento p. 68
    NHS Zindabaad! p. 69.
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