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    Patty Krawec.
    Summary: "The invented history of the Western world is crumbling fast, Anishinaabe writer Patty Krawec says, but we can still honor the bonds between us. Settlers dominated and divided, but Indigenous peoples won't just send them all 'home.' Weaving her own story with the story of her ancestors and with the broader themes of creation, replacement, and disappearance, Krawec helps readers see settler colonialism through the eyes of an Indigenous writer. Settler colonialism tried to force us into one particular way of living, but the old ways of kinship can help us imagine a different future. Krawec asks, What would it look like to remember that we are all related? How might we become better relatives to the land, to one another, and to Indigenous movements for solidarity? Braiding together historical, scientific, and cultural analysis, Indigenous ways of knowing, and the vivid threads of communal memory, Krawec crafts a stunning, forceful call to 'unforget' our history. This remarkable sojourn through Native and settler history, myth, identity, and spirituality helps us retrace our steps and pick up what was lost along the way: chances to honor rather than violate treaties, to see the land as a relative rather than a resource, and to unravel the history we have been taught"--Book jacket flap.

    Foreword / by Nick Estes
    1. Creation: How We Got Here
    2. Colonization: The Hunger of Big Brother
    3. Removal: Background Noise
    4. Replacement: The Vanishing Indian
    5. Eradication: The Vanished Indian
    Interlude: Flood
    6. The Land: Our Ancestor
    7. The People: We Are Related
    8. Solidarity: Becoming Kin
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