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    edited by Petros Levounis, James Sherer.
    Summary: "Technological Addictions is the first guide designed to provide insight and strategies to clinicians, patients, and families grappling with the collateral damage of technology's pervasiveness and pull. Mental health professionals are beginning to understand that video games, online pornography, internet gaming, internet gambling, and other technological pastimes can be every bit as addictive as substances such as alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drugs. Editor Petros Levounis is among the foremost experts on addiction and, together with coeditor James Sherer and a roster of prominent contributors, has created a groundbreaking book that emphasizes the lived reality of the people who struggle with these addictions every day. In 10 rigorous yet down-to-earth chapters, the book explores the psychological and cultural context of each technology and related behavior, from social media to cybersex, and examines thoroughly the difference between healthy engagement with technology and addiction. This discussion premised on the understanding that technology should not be rolled back or restricted but is an increasingly beneficial and even necessary part of modern life. Two chapters specifically focus on the way technology addictions impact particular populations, such as children and adolescents and older adults. Addiction to technology does not discriminate; no preexisting psychological or physical conditions are required, and everyone is susceptible. Technological Addictions provides guidance found nowhere else, guidance that both clinicians and laypeople will find useful and compelling"-- Provided by publisher.

    Video Games : From Harmless Pastime to Internet Gaming Disorder / James Sherer
    Cybersex and Online Pornography : Hacking the Human Sex Drive / Lancer Naghdechi, Muhammad Aadil, Faisal Kagadkar, Petros Levounis
    Internet Gambling : An Old Behavior in a New Age / Robert Rymowicz
    Texting, Emailing, and Other Online Messaging : When Does a Communication Tool Become a Burden? / Heather Wurtz, Donya Nazery
    Internet Surfing and Information Overload / Diego Garces Grosse
    Social Media : The Self vs. the Selfie / Lukman-Afis (Lukmon) Babajide
    Online Shopping and Auctions : The Ease and Sleaze / Faisal Kagadkar, Ana Claudia Zacarkim Pinheiro dos Santos, Lancer Naghdechi
    Children and Adolescents : Codependence Between Youth and Tech / Muhammad Aadil, Aitzaz Munir, Lancer Naghdechi, Yonatan Kaplan
    Special Considerations for Older Adults / Seyed Parham Khalili
    New and Emerging Addictive Technologies : Where Do We Go From Here? / Rafael Coira.
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