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    Allan H. Ropper, Martin A. Samuels, Joshua P. Klein, Sashank Prasad.
    Summary: "Adams and Victor’s Principles of Neurology provides up to date treatment and management strategies needed to confidently handle both common and rare neurologic conditions. Presented in full color, this enduring resource meets the needs of today’s aspiring clinician or seasoned professional, and has been hailed as the most detailed, thorough, and authoritative text on the subject"-- Publisher's description.

    Part 1: The clinical method of neurology. Approach to the patient with neurologic disease
    Diagnostic testing in neurologic disease
    Part 2: Cardinal manifestations of neurologic disease. Section 1: Disorders of motility. Paralysis and weakness
    Disorders of movement and posture
    Ataxia and disorders of cerebellar function
    Disorders of stance and gait
    Section 2: Pain and disorders of somatic sensation. Pain
    Disorders of non-painful somatic sensation
    Headache and other craniofacial pains
    Pain in the back, neck, and extremities
    Section 3: Disorders of the special senses. Disorders of smell and taste
    Disturbances of vision
    Disorders of ocular movement and pupillary function
    Deafness, dizziness, and disorders of equilibrium
    Section 4: Epilepsy and disorders of consciousness. Epilepsy and other seizure disorders
    Coma and related disorders of consciousness
    Faintness and syncope
    Sleep and its abnormalities
    Section 5: Derangements of intellect, behavior, and language caused by diffuse and focal cerebral disease. Acute confusional states
    Dementia, the amnesic syndrome, and the neurology of intelligence and memory
    Neurologic disorders caused by lesions in specific parts of the cerebrum
    Disorders of speech and language
    Section 6: Disorders of energy, mood, and autonomic and endocrine functions. Fatigue, asthenia, anxiety, and depression
    The limbic lobes and the neurology of emotion
    Disorders of the autonomic nervous system, respiration, and swallowing
    The hypothalamus and neuroendocrine disorders
    Part 3: Growth and development of the nervous system and the neurology of aging. Normal development and deviations in development of the nervous system
    The neurology of aging
    Part 4: Major categories of neurologic disease. Disturbances of cerebrospinal fluid, including hydrocephalus, pseudotumor cerebri, and low-pressure syndromes
    Intracranial neoplasms and paraneoplastic disorders
    Bacterial, fungal, spirochetal, and parasitic infections of the nervous system
    Viral infections of the nervous system and prion diseases
    Stroke and cerebrovascular diseases
    Craniocerebral trauma
    Multiple sclerosis and other neuroimmunologic disorders
    Inherited metabolic diseases of the nervous system
    Developmental diseases of the nervous system
    Degenerative diseases of the nervous system
    The acquired metabolic disorders of the nervous system
    Diseases of the nervous system caused by nutritional deficiency
    Disorders of the nervous system caused by alcohol, drugs, toxins, and chemical agents
    Part 5: Diseases of spinal cord, peripheral nerve, and muscle. Diseases of the spinal cord
    Diseases of the peripheral nerves
    Diseases of the cranial nerves
    Diseases of muscle
    Disorders of the neuromuscular junction, myotonias, and disorders of persistent muscle fiber activity
    Part 6: Psychiatric disorders. Anxiety, "functional" and personality disorders
    Depression and bipolar disorder
    Psychosis, schizophrenia, delusional, and paranoid states.
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