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    Rahim Valani, editor.
    Summary: This book examines the effectiveness of a unique area of patient care, cannabis use in medicine. While many American states have legalized medical marijuana, the FDA still has not approved it as a treatment due to a lack of studies to prove its validity. Countries such as Canada and Uruguay, on the other hand, have legalized cannabis. This book aids in accelerating the medical legitimacy of cannabis through comprehensive coverage of its uses, legality, pharmacology, and potential issues. Organized into three parts, the book begins with topics that function as an introduction to cannabis for medical use, such as patient assessments, the role of genetics, evidence-based therapy reviews, legal aspects, and pharmacology. Subsequent chapters then delve into the practical applications of medical cannabis use, including treatment for gastrointestinal disorders, neurological diseases, rheumatic diseases, and pain management. The book's final section features crucial discussions on the potential complications and adverse events in cannabis use, as well as occupation and pediatric considerations. Nuanced and timely, Cannabis Use in Medicine, is a vital resource for medical practitioners of all specialties looking to add cannabis to their repertoire of therapies.

    Part I Introduction and Background to Cannabis Use in Medicine
    Introduction to Cannabis for Medical Use
    Legal Aspects of Cannabis
    Pharmacology of Cannabis
    Patient Assessment and Dosing Recommendations for Cannabis
    Analytical Testing of Cannabis
    The Role of Genetics in the Use of Cannabis
    Evidence Based Reviews on Cannabis Therapy
    Part II Use of Cannabis in the Management of Specific Medical Conditions
    The Effects and Benefits of Cannabis on the Gastrointestinal Disorders
    Neurological Diseases and Cannabinoid Treatment
    Cannabinoid Treatment for Rheumatic Disease
    The Use of Cannabis for Pain Management
    Complications and Adverse Events from Cannabis Use
    Part III Cannabis Use in Specific Populations
    Occupational Considerations Related to Cannabis Use
    Pediatric Considerations when Prescribing Cannabis
    Cannabis Use in the Pregnant Patient.
    Digital Access Springer 2022