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    Kamal Gupta.
    Summary: This multidisciplinary book introduces all the known and unknown facts, tips, and tricks of laser procedures in various anorectal disorders including haemorrhoids, fistula in ano, anal fissure, pilonidal sinus, etc. It describes minimally invasive procedures, provides authoritative, in-depth presentations of all perspectives of this latest technique. Each chapter includes surgical anatomy, clinical evaluation, and the principle behind hybrid procedures, complications, and solutions that may arise while using Lasers. The book also discusses case presentations in various scenarios and a brief comparison of laser techniques with conventional procedures. It includes an up-to-date scientific and clinical data for quick reference. It emphasizes on "What to do, How to do and What not to do." This is a must-read book for all trainees and surgeons practicing anorectal disorders, providing an overview of the latest treatment options. This book empowers surgeons with in-depth knowledge and enhance their skills to manage common anorectal diseases. It will serve as a valuable guide for residents, clinicians, surgeons, researchers, and proctologists keen to use lasers as a futuristic approach to deal with anorectal disorders.

    Lasers in surgery -From Past to Present
    Surgical Anatomy of Anal Canal; - Anal cushions and Pathophysiology of Hemorrhoids
    Clinical Evaluation of Hemorrhoids
    Non-Surgical Management of Hemorrhoids
    Hemorrhoidectomy The Gold Standard
    Minimal Invasive Procedures for Hemorrhoids
    Laser Hemorrhoidoplasty; - Lasers in external and complicated internal haemorrhoids
    Anatomy of Para-anal and Para-rectal spaces
    Anatomy of Para-anal and Para-rectal spaces
    Evaluation and Management of Anorectal Abscess
    Clinical Evaluation and Classification of Anal Fistula
    Clinical Evaluation and Classification of Anal Fistula
    Sphincter Saving Techniques
    Role of lasers in fistula - Fistula laser closure (FiLaC)
    Hybrid Procedures-Future of Fistula Surgery
    Role of Lasers in Pilonidal Sinus
    Role of Lasers in Anal Fissures,- Postoperative Management of Anorectal Wounds.
    Digital Access Springer 2022