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    Leslie P. Gartner, Lisa M.J. Lee.
    Summary: "This histology atlas and text provides medical, dental, allied health, and biology students with an outstanding collection of histology images for all of the major tissue classes and body systems. This is a concise approach with relevant text and consistent format presentation of photomicrograph plates. It features a full-color art program comprising high-quality photomicrographs, scanning electron micrographs, and supporting illustrations. Didactic features in each chapter includes: Chapter Outline, Histophysiology, Clinical Considerations, Overview Diagrams, Atlas Plates, Review Plates, and Summary of Histologic Organization. Clinical-vignette style board-review questions have been added to the new edition as well as standard review questions."-- Provided by publisher

    Introduction to Histologic Techniques
    Cell Biology
    Epithelium and Glands
    Connective Tissue
    Cartilage and Bone
    Blood and Hemopoiesis
    Nervous Tissue
    Circulatory System
    Lymphoid (Immune) System
    Endocrine System
    Respiratory System
    Digestive System I
    Digestive System II
    Digestive System III
    Urinary System
    Female Reproductive System
    Male Reproductive System
    Special Sense - Appendix A: Tissues that Resemble Each Other - Appendix B: Answers to Chapter Review Questions.