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    edited by Dirk M. Elston, Tammie Ferringer [with five others].
    Summary: With a unique combination of targeted online lectures, vast online image collections, and an easy-to-follow supporting atlas, Dr. Elston's highly acclaimed "dermatopathology made easier" approach presents a unique way to master the foundations of this complex dermatology sub-specialty, guiding you through the diagnosis of the most important and common dermatologic pathology findings seen in practice. Effortlessly find all the information you need to know about each topic thanks to a highly user-friendly full-color format and a consistent chapter template

    The basics: diagnostic terms, skin anatomy, and stains
    Benign tumors and cysts of the epidermis
    Malignant tumors of the epidermis
    Pilar and sebaceous neoplasms
    Sweat gland neoplasms
    Melanocytic neoplasms
    Interface dermatitis
    Psoriasiform and spongiotic dermatitis
    Blistering diseases
    Granulomatous and histiocytic diseases
    Inflammatory vascular diseases
    Alterations in collagen and elastin
    Metabolic disorders
    Disorders of skin appendages
    Bacterial, spirochete, and protozoan infections
    Fungal infections
    Viral infections, helminths, and arthropods
    Fibrous tumors
    Tumors of fat, muscle, cartilage and bone
    Neural tumors
    Vascular tumors
    Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, NK-cell lymphoma, and myeloid leukemia
    B-cell lymphoma and lymphocytic leukemia
    Metastatic tumors and simulators.
    Digital Access ScienceDirect 2014