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    Tom A. Schweizer, Andrew J. Baker, editors.
    Summary: This state-of-the-art book brings together the full range of issues that can inform care for patients experiencing the effects of concussion. Written by an international panel of experts and edited by a critical care physician and by a cognitive neuroscientist, the book serves as a primer of the various domains of study and application, while providing clinical insights and evidence to bring towards treatment. Chapters span the basic mechanics and pathophysiology of concussion, through its assessment, management, and complications. Comprehensive and timely, this book is accessible to healthcare professionals, and researchers eager to learn something about this field.

    Concussion Mechanism: Biomechanical Perspectives
    The Pathophysiology of Concussion
    Neuroimaging of Concussion
    The Path Toward a Blood Test for Concussion : A Review of Biofluid Biomarkers for Concussive and Subconcussive Brain Trauma
    Sport-related Concussion Guideline Development: Acute Management to Return-to-activity
    Concussion Evaluation and Neurocognitive Outcomes
    Psychological and Mental Health Sequelae of Concussion: Prevalence, Treatment Recommendations, Novel Biomarkers, and Diagnostic Challenges
    Management of Concussion and Prolonged Symptoms Post Concussion
    Neuroprotective Pharmacological Antioxidant Therapies for Concussions
    Sex, Gender and Concussion
    Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy.
    Digital Access Springer 2022