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    Daryl I. Smith, Hai Tran, editors.
    This comprehensive source on the pathogenic origins of neuropathic pain covers the detailed molecular bases of the currently known neuropathies as classified by their pathogenic origins. Filling a critical need, this book fills the need for a resource on a syndrome that demands improved understanding by clinicians and researchers alike so that treatment options for patients are not categorically limited to a pill or a needle. If the clinician understands the origins of a patients' neuropathic pain, they can work cooperatively toward improving it with tailored therapies that don't create societal diseconomies and that ultimately are effective in helping patients. The book presents in detail the molecular bases of some currently known neuropathies by their pathogenetic origins, allowing clinicians to tailor more specific and more effective treatment regimens for their patients. For basic researchers, this book is a general resource to better direct research on neuropathy-specific molecular mechanisms. The improved understanding of the pathogenesis of neuropathic pain can then be used to develop more specific and more effective manipulations of these pathways.
    Digital Access Springer 2022