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    Bertil E. Damato.
    Summary: Many ocular tumours are life-threatening or associated with lethal syndromes but can be difficult to diagnose because of their rarity and diversity. Unlike conventional atlases, this book contains a format that orders lesions according to their colour and ocular location to help readers quickly find the information they need even when they do not already know the diagnosis. Multimodal imaging results are presented to help provide a definitive diagnosis when slit-lamp and ophthalmoscopic findings are inconclusive. The seemingly random organisation of cases enables self-assessment by trainees. Written for optometrists and ophthalmologists, Clinical Atlas of Ocular Oncology is an essential resource for practitioners at any stage in their career.

    1: Extraocular Lesions
    1.1 Introduction
    1.2 Black-Grey Conjunctival Lesions
    1.3 Brown-Tan Conjunctival Lesions
    1.4 Yellow-White Conjunctival Lesions
    1.5 Red-Pink Conjunctival Lesions
    1.6 Chemotherapy for Conjunctival Lesions
    1.7 Radiotherapy for Conjunctival Lesions
    1.8 Surgery for Conjunctival Lesions
    Suggested Reading
    2: Anterior Intraocular Lesions
    2.1 Black-Grey Iris and Ciliary Body Lesions
    2.2 Brown-Tan Iris and Ciliary Body Lesions
    2.3 Yellow-White Iris and Ciliary Body Lesions 2.4 Red-Pink Iris and Ciliary Body Lesions
    2.5 Radiotherapy for Iris and Ciliary Body Lesions
    2.6 Surgery for Iris and Ciliary Body Lesions
    Suggested Reading
    3: Vitreous
    3.1 Black-Grey Vitreous Lesions
    3.2 Brown-Tan Vitreous Lesions
    3.3 Yellow-White Vitreous Lesions
    3.4 Red-Pink Vitreous Lesions
    Suggested Reading
    4: Optic Disc Lesions
    4.1 Black-Grey Optic Disc Lesions
    4.2 Brown-Tan Optic Disc Lesions
    4.3 Yellow-White Optic Disc Lesions
    4.4 Red-Pink Optic Disc Lesions
    Suggested Reading
    5: Neurosensory Retinal Lesions 5.1 Black-Grey Neurosensory Retinal Lesions
    5.2 Brown-Tan Neurosensory Retinal Lesions
    5.3 Yellow-White Neurosensory Retinal Lesions
    5.4 Red-Pink Neurosensory Retinal Lesions
    5.5 Treatment of Neurosensory Retinal Lesions
    Suggested Reading
    6: Retinal Pigment Epithelial Lesions
    6.1 Black-Grey Retinal Pigment Epithelial Lesions
    6.2 Brown-Tan Retinal Pigment Epithelial Lesions
    6.3 Yellow-White Retinal Pigment Epithelial Lesions
    6.4 Red-Pink Retinal Pigment Epithelial Lesions
    6.5 Treatment of Retinal Pigment Epithelial Lesions
    Suggested Reading 7: Choroidal Lesions
    7.1 Black-Grey Choroidal Lesions
    7.2 Brown-Tan Choroidal Lesions
    7.3 Yellow-White Choroidal Lesions
    7.4 Red-Pink Choroidal Lesions
    7.5 Radiotherapy for Choroidal Lesions
    7.6 Surgical Resection of Choroidal Lesions
    7.7 Laser Therapy for Choroidal Lesions
    7.8 Systemic Therapy for Choroidal Lesions
    7.9 Non-Treatment of Choroidal Melanoma
    Suggested Reading
    8: Suprachoroidal Lesions
    8.1 Haemorrhage
    8.2 Effusion
    8.3 Solid Tumours
    Suggested Reading
    9: Scleral Lesions
    9.1 Yellow-White Scleral Lesions 9.2 Red-Pink Scleral Lesions
    Suggested Reading
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