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    Hua Yan, editor.
    Summary: This book is aimed at illustrating the common complicated ocular trauma with typical signs, examinations, surgical procedures and conservative management to clinical practitioners including the nurses, medical students, residents, fellows and ophthalmologists, and help them make the most appropriate decision on the diagnosis and management of such patients. There are 23 chapters introduced in the book, which covers all types of complicated ocular trauma with brief case reports combined with the most comprehensive pictures. For each disease, a brief introduction, explanation as well as management are offered to the readers. With the illustrative figures and explanations, the goal of making the right diagnose, offering the best advice or treatment to the patients, and understanding surgical procedures would be easily achieved. This book is useful for readers to be fully prepared for the challenge of complicated ocular traumatic cases. This is the fifth volume of the book series Ocular Trauma.

    Complicated Corneal and Scleral Rupture
    Traumatic Cyclodialysis
    Traumatic Aniridia
    Traumatic Dislocation of Lens
    Intraocular hemorrhage
    Open Globe Injury with Choroidal and Retinal Detachment
    Choroidal and Retinal Detachment combined with Cyclodialysis In Open Globe Injury
    Repairment of Traumatic Choroidal Tear
    Complicated Ocular Trauma with Corneal Opacity
    Traumatic Giant Macular Hole
    Posterior Polar Ocular Perforating Injury
    Giant Intraocular Foreign Body
    Orbital Foreign Body
    Traumatic Glaucoma
    Traumatic Endoophthalmitis
    Permanent silicon oil tamponade
    Contusion of optic nerve and Fracture of optic canal
    Severe Orbital Fracture
    Traumatic Globe Luxation
    Complicated Blepharal trauma
    Severe Ocular Chemical Injury
    Ocular Laser Burns
    Pediatric Ocular Trauma.
    Digital Access Springer 2022