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    Michael Henein, editor.
    Summary: The book systematically describes the clinical and scientific aspects of cardiovascular calcification. Chapters detail the mechanisms associated with arterial and valve calcification, relevant risk factors, pathophysiology and the latest therapeutic techniques. Recent diagnostic technological developments including how computed tomography (CT) scanning can be utilized along with Agatston score to quantify coronary arterial calcification when investigating whether a patient for sub-clinical atherosclerosis are covered. The correlation with the presence of arterial calcification and extent of coronary stenosis is also explored. Cardiovasular Calcification details relevant aspects of the basic science and reviews the latest pathological and therapeutic techniques used in treating patients with cardiovascular calcification. It is therefore an essential resource for practicing cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, vascular specialists and radiologists.

    Plaque collagen synthesis and calcification: Working together to protect against instability and rupture
    Cardiovascular Calcification and Carotid Intima-media Thickness in atherosclerosis
    Heart valve calcification
    Valve Calcification (Aortic and Mitral)
    Calcification and Aortic Syndromes
    Prognostic Value of Coronary Artery Calcium
    Value of coronary calcium-screening for risk assessment in the general population
    Calcification and Coronary Interventions
    Coronary microcalcification
    Imaging Peripheral Arterial Calcifications
    Management of peripheral arterial calcification
    Arterial Calcification and Cerebral Disease: Stroke and Dementia
    Cardiovascular Calcification in Systemic Diseases.
    Digital Access Springer 2022