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    Mikhail Y. Kirov, Vsevolod V. Kuzkov, Bernd Saugel, editors.
    Summary: This book describes how to monitor and optimize cardiovascular dynamics using advanced hemodynamic monitoring in perioperative and intensive care medicine. The book outlines basic skills of hemodynamic monitoring, different techniques including invasive, minimally invasive, and non-invasive methods, and algorithms and treatment strategies for perioperative goal-directed hemodynamic therapy in different groups of surgical patients. Thus, the book reflects current diagnostic and therapeutic approaches in perioperative and intensive care medicine. All sections of this book have a learning-oriented style and are illustrated with tables and figures summarizing the main content. The volume is addressed both to specialists and residents using advanced hemodynamic monitoring; it reflects indications and limitations of current monitoring tools and discuss therapeutic strategies. It also helps readers to integrate new knowledge on monitoring of cardiovascular dynamics into clinical practice.

    Section I. Measurement of pressures
    Pressure physiological background
    Systemic arterial pressure
    Central venous pressure
    Pulmonary pressures
    Section II. Measurement of cardiac output
    Cardiac output physiological background
    Pulmonary artery thermodilution
    Transpulmonary thermodilution
    Pulse wave analysis
    Doppler techniques
    Bioimpedance and bioreactance
    Section III. Monitoring of volumetric parameters
    Volumetric parameters physiological background
    Global end-diastolic volume
    Extravascular lung water
    Section IV. Assessment of fluid responsiveness and dynamic tests
    Fluid responsiveness and dynamic tests physiological background
    Dynamic variables
    Dynamic tests
    Section V. Monitoring of microcirculation
    Microcirculation physiological background
    Vital microscopy
    Other techniques
    Section VI. Hemodynamic monitoring and therapy in perioperative medicine
    Hemodynamic monitoring and optimization in cardiac surgery
    Hemodynamic monitoring and optimization in non-cardiac surgery
    Section VII. Hemodynamic monitoring and therapy in Intensive care medicine
    Hypovolemic shock
    Cardiogenic shock
    Distributive shock
    Pulmonary edema
    Section VIII. Future of hemodynamic monitoring and therapy
    New methods and sensors
    Closed loop hemodynamic management
    Artificial intelligence and predictive analytics
    Digital Access Springer 2021