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    Helmut Popper.
    Summary: This well-illustrated book covers the full range of lung and pleural diseases from the pathologic standpoint. It has been updated from the first edition by including the most recent molecular data for the different lung diseases, tumor as well as non-tumor ones. New diagnostic tests are included, new aspects for the understanding of diseases have been added. Both diseases of adults and pediatric lung diseases are presented. The chapter on lung development has been expanded due to the many new findings being reported since the first edition. The book will serve as an excellent guide to the diagnosis of these diseases, but in addition it explains the disease mechanisms and etiology. Genetics and molecular biology are also discussed whenever necessary for a full understanding. The author is an internationally recognized expert who runs courses on lung and pleural pathology attended by participants from all over the world. In compiling this book, he has drawn on more than 30 years experience in the field.

    Chapter 1 Development of the Lung
    Chapter 2 Normal Lung
    Chapter 3 Pediatric Pulmonary Pathology
    Chapter 4 Edema
    Chapter 5 Air Filling Diseases
    Chapter 6 Airway Diseases
    Chapter 7 Smoking Related Lung Diseases
    Chapter 8 Pneumonia
    Chapter 9 Lung Diseases Based on Adverse Immune Reactions
    Chapter 10 Eosinophilic Lung Diseases
    Chapter 11 Vascular Lung Diseases
    Chapter 12 Metabolic Lung Diseases
    Chapter 13 Environmentally Induced Lung Diseases and Pneomuconiosis
    Chapter 14 Iatrogenic Lung Pathology
    Chapter 15 Bronchoalveolar Lavage as a Diagnostic and Research Tool
    Chapter 16 Lung Transplantation-Related Pathology
    Chapter 17 Lung Tumors
    Chapter 18 Metastasis
    Chapter 19 Molecular Pathology of Lung Tumors
    Chapter 20 Immunotherapy of Lung Tumors
    Chapter 21 Diseases of the Pleura
    Chapter 22 Lung Tumors in Experimental Models
    Chapter 23 Handling of Tissues and Cells.
    Digital Access Springer 2021