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    Rudy Bilous, Richard Donnelly, Iskandar Idris.
    Summary: "For over 20 years, our Handbook of Diabetes has been the perfect practical companion to its parent Textbook of Diabetes, one of Wiley's key medical copyrights and widely considered the most clinically-focused diabetes reference book. Cheaper, more practical/accessible, and less scientifically dense than reference books, the Handbook of Diabetes is perfect reading for all health professionals with an interest in diabetes, especially doctors in speciality diabetes/endocrinology training, foundation level doctors, diabetes specialist nurses, and GPs. Its focus is clearly on the clinical aspects of the disease and in particular, how to best manage patients suffering from diabetes. As well is the strong emphasis on the clinical, readers love its visual look and high production standards. Clear and easy-to-navigate, it's packed full of case histories, key learning/practice points, landmark clinical trials and additional resources to consult in every chapter, and benefits from a well-designed and full colour interior throughout. To support the text, over 400 figures, including 300 beautifully drawn colour diagrams provide the reader with a visual element unmatched in other diabetes handbooks"-- Provided by publisher.

    Introduction to diabetes
    History of diabetes
    Diagnosis and classification of diabetes
    Public health aspects of diabetes
    Normal physiology of insulin secretion and action, and the incretin effect
    Epidemiology and aetiology of type 1 diabetes
    Epidemiology and aetiology of type 2 diabetes
    Other types of diabetes
    Diabetes control and its measurement
    Management of type 1 diabetes
    Management of type 2 diabetes
    Diabetic ketoacidosis, hyperglycaemic hyperosmolar state and lactic acidosis
    Causes of complications
    Diabetic eye disease
    Diabetic nephropathy
    Diabetic neuropathy
    Blood lipid abnormalities
    Hypertension in diabetes
    Macrovascular disease in diabetes:
    Foot problems in diabetes
    Sexual problems in diabetes
    Gastrointestinal problems in diabetes
    Non-alcoholic liver disease (NAFLD)
    Diabetes and cancer
    Skin and connective tissue disorders in diabetes
    Psychological and psychiatric problems in diabetes
    Intercurrent situations that affect diabetes control
    Pregnancy and diabetes
    Diabetes in childhood and adolescence
    Diabetes in old age
    Diabetes and lifestyle
    Organization of diabetes care: integrating diabetes service
    Transplantation and stem cell therapy.
    Digital Access Wiley 2021