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    edited by Animesh Agarwal.
    Summary: Providing a comprehensive presentation of the diagnosis, evaluation and management of malunions, this generously illustrated text details the current principles, surgical techniques and approaches with these challenging clinical situations. Since each malunion can be fairly specific, the treatment regimens provide guidelines to effectively approach such problems. Opening with a brief overview of the principles of malunions, the remainder of the book is divided by anatomical area and provides evidence-based recommendations, case examples, and preferred treatment/algorithms for both the upper and lower extremities, including the clavicle, proximal and distal humerus, hand and wrist, proximal and distal femur, and tibia and ankle, as well as the pelvis and acetabulum. Specialized circumstances are also discussed, including periprosthetics and joint replacement. Although not every single treatment option is described for every single anatomical area and type of injury, Malunions is an excellent resource for orthopedic trauma surgeons, residents and students, not only for managing these common yet complex problems but also in preventing malunions from occurring by avoiding surgical causes and mitigating patient risk factors.

    Malunions: Introduction and Brief Overview
    Malunions of the Clavicle. Malunions of the Proximal Humerus. Malunions of the Humeral Shaft. Malunions of the Distal Humerus. Malunions of the Forearm. Malunions of the Hand and Wrist. Malunions of the Acetabulum and Pelvis. Malunions of the Proximal Femur. Malunions of the Femoral Shaft
    Malunions of the Distal Femur
    Malunions of the Proximal Tibia and Tibial Plateau
    Malunions of the Tibial Shaft
    Malunions of the Distal Tibia and Ankle.
    Digital Access Springer 2021