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  • Book
    edited by Rupert Lanzenberger, Georg S. Kranz, Ivanka Savic.
    Sex Differences in Neurology and Psychiatry
    Available titles
    Section I: Sex differences in neuroanatomy and neurophysiology
    Chapter 1: Structural differences between male and female brains
    Why Sex Matters: Searching for Differences Between Male and Female Brains
    A Short Detour Into the World (of Human Brain Mapping): Global, Regional, and Local
    A Mixed Bag: A Multitude of (Conflicting) Findings Based on Structural MRI
    Global measures
    Regional measures
    Some general observations A specific consideration: The corpus callosum
    Local measures
    Voxel-wise gray matter volume
    Vertex-wise cortical thickness
    Point-wise cortical gyrification
    Why Size Matters: The Possible Confounding Impact of Total Brain Volume
    Chapter 2: Beyond sex differences and a male-female continuum: Mosaic brains in a multidimensional space
    The Basis of the Mosaic Hypothesis: Studies in Laboratory Animals
    Testing the Mosaic Hypothesis
    Mosaic in human brain structure and connectivity as revealed by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) Mosaic in brain connectivity
    Mosaic in neuronal numbers in the post-mortem human hypothalamus
    Mosaic in structural changes following exposure to severe real-life stress
    A Comment on the Source of Differences Between Women and Men
    Typical and Rare Brain ``Types ́́
    Criticism of the Mosaic Hypothesis
    Questioning the analytical method used to test the mosaic hypothesis
    The question of prediction
    The straw-man criticism of the mosaic hypothesis
    Moving from a Male-Female Continuum to a Multidimension Space
    References Chapter 3: Sex differences and brain development during puberty and adolescence
    Sex Effects on Anatomical Brain Changes Across Childhood and Adolescence
    Anatomical brain changes
    Cerebral cortex
    Subcortical structures
    White matter
    Sex effects on anatomical brain development
    Cerebral cortex
    Subcortical structures
    White matter
    Greater male variability in brain structure and development
    Behavioral and Functional Brain Changes and Sex Effects
    Behavioral changes and brain functioning
    Social and affective functioning
    Social relationships Emotion processing and amygdala responsiveness
    Behavioral control, risk-taking, and cognitive development
    Sex effects in adolescent functional brain changes and behavior
    Sex effects in affective brain functioning
    Sex effects in behavioral control, risk-taking, and cognitive functioning
    Sex steroid hormones at puberty and adolescence
    Gender Identity Development
    Gender incongruence
    Sexual orientation
    Effects of puberty suppression and gender-affirming hormones on brain and cognition
    Concluding Remarks
    Digital Access ScienceDirect 2020