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    Kenneth Finn, editor.
    Summary: Legalization of marijuana is becoming increasingly prominent in the United States and around the world. While there is some discussion of the relationship between marijuana and overall health, a comprehensive resource that outlines the medical literature for several organ systems, as well as non-medical societal effects, has yet to be seen. While all physicians strive to practice evidence-based medicine, many clinicians aren't aware of the facts surrounding cannabis and are guided by public opinion. This first of its kind book is a comprehensive compilation of multiple facets of cannabis recommendation, use and effects from a variety of different perspectives. Comprised of chapters dedicated to separate fields of medicine, this evidence-based guide outlines the current data, or lack thereof, as well as the need for further study. The book begins with a general overview of the neurobiology and pharmacology of THC and hemp. It then delves into various medical concerns that plague specific disciplines of medicine such as psychiatry, cardiology, gastrointestinal and neurology, among others. The end of the book focuses on non-medical concerns such as public health and safety, driving impairment and legal implications. Comprised of case studies and meta-analyses, Cannabinoids in Medicine: An Evidence-Based Approach provides clinicians with with a concise, evidence-based guide to various health concerns related to the use of marijuana. By addressing non-medical concerns, this book is also a useful resource for professionals working in the public health and legal fields.

    Losing Ground: The Rise of Cannabis Culture
    Addressing the Wider Implications of Increasing Marijuana Use
    Why Our Knowledge of the Risks in Cannabis Exposure Has Increased
    Limitations to Our Knowledge: Inadequate Measures, No Real Baseline
    Current Measurements of Marijuana Use Showing the Comparative Scope of the Problem
    Marijuana Use in Sub-populations at High Risk
    Monitoring the Future School-Based Data
    Widening Societal Impact of Increased Marijuana Prevalence The Societal Impact of Expanded Cannabis Extends to the Use of Other Substances Of Abuse
    Final Thoughts on the Wider Implications of Increased Use
    Reference Section
    Part I: Basic Science
    Chapter 1: The Properties and Use of Cannabis sativa Herb and Extracts
    Methods of Use
    Synthetic Cannabinoids and Cannabimimetics
    Conversion to THC
    CBD as a Quality Medicine
    Chapter 2: Cannabinoid and Marijuana Neurobiology
    Introduction Discovery, Evolutionary Origins, and Function of the Endocannabinoid System
    Endocannabinoid System in the Brain
    Endocannabinoid System Function in Early and Adolescent Brain Development
    Overall Function of the Endocannabinoid System in the Brain [45]
    Endocannabinoid System in Peripheral Tissues
    Disturbances of the Endocannabinoid System in the Brain
    Marijuana and the Brain: Receptors and Changes in Endocannabinoid Signaling
    Chapter 3: The Pharmacodynamics, Pharmacokinetics, and Potential Drug Interactions of Cannabinoids Drug-Drug Interaction with Cannabinoids
    Pharmacokinetics/Pharmacodynamics of Cannabinoids
    Drug-Drug Interactions
    Phase I Metabolism (Cytochrome P450)
    Phase II Metabolism
    Transport Proteins
    Epidiolex® Drug-Drug Interactions
    THC Drug-Drug Interactions
    Part II: Clinical Evidence
    Chapter 4: Cannabis and Neuropsychiatric Effects
    Blunted: The Effects of Cannabis on Cognition and Motivation
    Executive Function
    Intelligence and IQ
    Mechanisms of Action Moderating Factors
    Summary and Future Directions
    Cannabis and Psychiatric Conditions
    Depression and Anxiety
    Cannabis-Related Violence and Death
    Potential Psychiatric Benefits of CBD
    Cannabis Use and Psychosis, Mood, and Anxiety Disorders
    Increasing Cannabis Potency Post-legalization
    Post-legalization Trends in the Prevalence and Frequency of Cannabis Use
    Impact of Medical Legalization
    What Does Research Tell Us About Cannabis Use and Mental Illness?
    Cannabis, Psychosis, and Schizophrenia
    Digital Access Springer 2020