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    Junyi Shi, Dequn Zhou, Yuxiao Zhang, Lisha Ma, Bingyin Che, Lin Yang.
    This book was compiled by researchers of Chinese Academy of Forestry, Sichuan Agricultural University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Southwest Forestry University, and Kunming University of Science and Technology. It has been the most comprehensive monograph about the bamboo resources in China until now. "Illustrated Flora of Bambusoideae in China" is composed of two volumes.This volume 1 contains three sections. The first section includes prefaces written by Wu Zhengyi, Chen Junyu, and Li Dezhu, and the foreword by the authors. The second section is about morphology of bamboos, geographical distribution of Bambusoideae, and hardiness zoning of Bambusoideae in China. The third section mainly introduces about bamboo taxa in the supertribe Bambusatae, including the tribe Melocanneae Benth. (Melocanna Trin.,Pseudostachyum Munro, Melocalamus Benth., Leptocanna Chia et H. L. Fung, Schizostachyum Nees,Cephalostachyum Munro, Thyrsostachys Gamble, Bonia Balansa), the tribe Bambuseae Trin.(Neomicrocalamus Keng f., Guadua Kunth, Bambusa Retz. corr. Schreber, Lingnania McClure), the tribe Dendrocalameae Benth. (Neosinocalamus Keng f., Dendrocalamopsis (Chia et H. L. Fung) Keng f.,Dendrocalamus Nees, Gigantochloa Kurz ex Munro), and the tribe Shibataeeae Nakai emend. Keng f. (Indosasa McClure, Sinobambusa Makino ex Nakai, Chimonobambusa Makino, Qiongzhuea Hsueh et Yi,Hibanobambusa I. Maruyama et H. Okamura, Brachystachyum Keng, Phyllostachys Sieb. et Zucc.,Shibataea Makino ex Nakai, Semiarundinaria Makino ex Nakai). Totally, 512 bamboo taxa are recorded in this book, including four hybrids, 119 forms, 38 varieties, and 351 species in 25 genera of four tribes.
    Digital Access  Springer 2019