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    edited by R. John Aitken, David Mortimer, Gabor T. Kovacs.
    Summary: "This chapter describes techniques for the preparation of human spermatozoa for assisted conception. Traditional swim-up techniques depend on the intrinsic motility of human spermatozoa and have been used as the basis for new microfluidics devices that exploit the capacity of these cells for chemotaxis, rheotaxis or thermotaxis. Unfortunately, such self-migration strategies tend to lose effectiveness with pathological samples exhibiting poor levels of motility and/or diminished counts. With such compromised starting material, active selection of spermatozoa can be achieved by exploiting differences between sperm populations in their density or charge. Density gradient centrifugation selects spermatozoa with minimal residual cytoplasm that are highly motile and have good morphology, even though the induction of sperm DNA damage in certain patients may be problematical. Alternatively, methodologies based on differences in sperm charge, appear to hold promise for the rapid, efficient isolation of highly motile human spermatozoa that consistently exhibit low levels of DNA damage"-- Provided by publisher.

    Sperm Selection for ART Success Sperm Selection for ART Success / R. John Aitken
    New Horizons in Male Subfertility and Infertility / Brett Nixon and Elizabeth G. Bromfield
    Chromosome Abnormalities and the Infertile Male / Csilla Krausz and Viktoria Rosta
    The Effect of Endocrine Disruptors and Environmental and Lifestyle Factors on the Sperm Epigenome / Viviane Santana, Albert Salas-Huetos, Emma R. James and Douglas T. Carrel
    Lifestyle Factors and Sperm Quality / Ciara Wright
    The Effect of Age on Male Fertility and the Health of Offspring / Allan Pacey and Sarah Martins da Silva
    The Assessment and Role of Anti-Sperm Antibodies / Gary N. Clarke
    FSH Treatment in Male Infertility / Csilla Krausz, Viktoria Rosta and Alberto Ferlin
    Antioxidants to Improve Sperm Quality / Elena Martínez Holguín, Enrique Lledó García, Ángel Rebollo Román, Javier González
    García, José Jara Rascón and Carlos Hernández Fernández
    The History of Utilization of IVF For Male Factor Subfertility / Gabor T. Kovacs
    The Case Against Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection For All / David Mortimer and Sharon T. Mortimer
    Perinatal Outcomes From IVF and ICSI / Michael Davies
    Artificial Insemination With Partner's Sperm, For Male Subfertility / Willem Ombelet
    Obstructive Azoospermia : Is There a Place For Microsurgical Testicular Sperm surgical Testicular Sperm Extraction / Ahmad Aboukhshaba, Russell P. Hayden and Peter N. Schlegel
    Should Varicocele Be Operated On Before IVF? / Shannon H.K. Kim and Victoria Nisenblat
    Donor Insemination -Past, Present and Future Perspectives / Christopher LR Barratt, Rachel Agnew and Eleanor Heighton
    DNA Damage in Spermatozoa / Russell P. Hayden, Ahmad Aboukhshaba and Peter N. Schlegel
    Prevention of Male Infertility : From Childhood to Adulthood / Alberto Ferlin.
    Digital Access Cambridge 2020