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    Heinz Mehlhorn, Sven Klimpel, editors.
    Summary: Rivers are the "blood vessels" of all living organisms on earth - they live in the water, drink the water or use it to spread into new regions in order to avoid overcrowding in specific locations. Since the early beginnings of human life on earth, riverbanks have been used as settlement sites, to provide food and for transport. However, since the oldest human cultures many agents of diseases have also spread along these rivers. Written by leading international parasitologists and physicians, this book discusses the involvement of rivers in the spread of diseases, but also their contributions to the development and destruction of human cultures. Examining past and current data, it shows how important and vulnerable river regions are and how they are increasingly endangered by pollution.

    Chapter 1: Important rivers and their worldwide contributions to epidemics on earth
    Chapter 2: Conquering the God of Plague in China: a tale of over 60 years
    Chapter 3: Cholera (Blue skin disease) and its history
    Chapter 4: Spreading of cholera along rivers in early times of the USA before detection of the agents of disease
    Chapter 5: Human cercarial dermatitis (HCD) or swimmer's itch along rivers and lakes
    Chapter 6: Blood sucking leeches
    not only nasty but also dangerous and helpful
    Chapter 7: Important foodbornetrematodiases in Lower Mekong River Basin
    Chapter 8: Important protozoan diseases in Lower Mekong River Basin
    Chapter 9: Free-living amoebae and associated drug resistant bacteria in surface waters-A public health concern?
    Chapter 10. Nile River, Impact on Human Health in Egypt from Pharaohs until now
    Chapter 11: Epidemic status of schistosomiasis control in Guangdong province. Chapter 12: Konna
    a help for a self-help project at the Niger River in Mali
    Chapter 13: Leishmaniasis in Israel and Palestinian territories
    Chapter 14: Past and present of tropical diseases in the Amazon river
    Chapter 15: Brazil's big river projects and their impact on the occurrence of tropical diseases
    Chapter 16: The major rivers and the genesis of the recent area of ticks Ixodes persulcatus in Western Siberia
    Chapter 17: The Main River and Main-Danube Canal
    a hub for Ponto-Caspian parasite invasion
    Chapter 18: "Father Rhine"
    from the Alps to the North Sea
    Chapter 19: The River Rhine as hotspot of parasite invasions
    Chapter 20: Free-living amoebae in rivers and ponds and their multiple role in environmental health.
    Digital Access Springer 2019